Corporate Services

The need for a highly skilled, flexible work force is critical in these times as companies are being challenged with constant change and growth. Downsizing, technological advances and more emphasis on improving quality and customer service call for new organizational structures, better interpersonal relationships and informed workers. Our Power Path coaching, consulting and management team building services can provide what you need to take the next step. We provide personal coaching, leadership training programs, team building, wilderness retreats and guided overnight solos for businesses, trainers and individuals striving to strengthen their skills, improve communication, increase productivity  and achieve a better understanding of workplace dynamics. We have presented trainings in the USA, Canada, Peru, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Egypt, Finland, Mexico and Russia.

Here are a few examples of training programs we offer as part of our corporate services that are based on the Personessence™ Model:

Moving Beyond The Obstacles

A model for training and coaching that identifies and explains the seven basic fear patterns that run people under stress. Understand how to deal with “the impossible to please”, “the resistant to change”, and the “whiner” personalities. Learn what promotes these patterns, how to reduce their effects and what can be done to eliminate “dragon behavior” entirely, thus increasing harmony and productivity.

The Essence of Communication

Explore the power of effective communication through a unique new model containing three communication styles in six sequences. The sequences, the negative and positive aspects, and their importance in coaching skills are all crucial to managing conflict, creating harmony and increasing productivity.

The Seven Character Roles

Know who you are dealing with in your workplace. This model of the seven character roles increases skills for coaching, interviewing, organizing projects, creating power teams, and dealing with both ally and adversary through understanding the essential differences between people.

Attitude is Everything

A model of the seven ways of perceiving that train you to identify and understand the different lenses people use to see, judge, act on, and react to in their world. Use of this eye-opening model increases interpersonal awareness, coaching effectiveness and assists in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the players.

Power Management

A model of innovative training methods and leadership skills that promotes greater productivity. We include essential tools for managing time and energy waste, invigorating and vitalizing the workplace, coping with change, creating a clear vision with practical goals, and working with the rules of power and appropriate configurations and teams to create a strong foundation.

The Nine Needs

In this model you will learn about the nine needs and how they determine what is essential for people to be productive and fulfilled.

Jose Luis Stevens Ph.D. is the president and co-founder of The Power Path Inc., an international consulting firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is an international lecturer, organizational consultant, and executive coach to CEOs, producers, actors, and varied professionals including attorneys, economists, and scientists. Dr. Stevens uses Personessence™, a powerful perennial philosophy and personality system as the basis for much of his work. He is known for his accurate use of intuition in understanding people and his ability to understand and forecast world trends.