Quantum Stylus


Focused Creativity is a combination of 4 formulas:

BumbleBee is a recording of an actual bumblebee and provides the quality of the bee family. A friend testing this formula by itself reported completing a procrastinated creative project for an internet-based class in record time and with a great deal of fun and motivation.

Warrior-X is a formula for focus, productivity and motivation., perseverance and grounding. Included in this liver (70%) and kidney (30%) yang formula is the signature of the Black and Red Changbai Mountain Ant. A client who tested the Warrior-X by itself was able to spend many hours studying for an important exam without distraction.

Blue Sapphire is a recording of the stone itself. Blue sapphire is for clarity, ideas, higher mind, channeling, new information, insight and inspiration.

Crystal is the recording of a Herkimer diamond type crystal from a very special power spot in the Peruvian Andes. The crystal is a very high vibration, mood elevator, raises ones frequency and has been reported to carry healing properties.

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