Quantum Stylus


Taoist Well-Being is a combination of 3 powerful formulas designed to help with change and breaking of patterns as well as supporting vital organs and rebalancing the system.

One is a very old and respected Taoist formula spiritual in nature that activates all the chakras.  It contains polygala extract, dragon bone, spirit poria, siberian ginseng, asparagus root, schizandra berry, ophiopogon tuber and some tangerine.  It bridges the lower-self to the higher-self allows one to move past fear and break up old patterns.  It treats and supports the kidneys, heart and lungs. We have combined this formula with Cat Purr and Zen to create a very powerful stilus for the times and to support you in this transition. Taoist Well-Being is excellent and very helpful for anyone coming off an addiction.

The recording of a Cat Purring has a direct and powerful effect on the lungs as well as great "Shen" (spiritual-light) building properties. Because Cat Purr builds & stores Qi within the bones, it also automatically builds "Jing" reserves.
The Zen formula is balancing to the brain and the nervous system and helpful in restoring  magnetic harmony in the system.

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