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February Forecast 2009

The main theme for February is PRESSURE.

There is pressure to create, pressure to destroy, pressure to change, pressure to move forward, pressure to act, pressure to connect, to build, to start, to complete, to breakout, to evolve and to make progress.

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January Forecast 2009

The main theme for January is PRACTICAL PERSEVERANCE.

Even though 2009 is a Priest year and potentially very inspirational, this month is more about “chop wood, carry water” than it is about expansion beyond the every day tasks.

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An Owl on the Road, Overcoming Fear

My husband Aaron and I were driving up to Denver on our way to a family wedding. We were chatting about this and that and listening to music, and I was behind the wheel. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a large bird, obvious road kill, on the shoulder.

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The World Election Pt 1 & 2

The election is over and not only the nation, but the world has spoken. Yes the world! For this election went way beyond the people of the United States. People everywhere voted, not necessarily with official ballots, but with their hearts and minds.

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October Forecast 2008

The main themes for October are MOVEMENT and ACCELERATION. Everything this month will be moving up and down and sideways.

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September Forecast 2008

The themes for September are CONSOLIDATION & PERSEVERANCE. These themes will carry the choice, change and commitment from August to a new level. The moving center plays a big part this month.

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