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Understanding Stubborness

Stubbornness is one of the two main dragons or obstacles for 2008 (along with self-destructiveness) and therefore it is good to understand how it operates in our current times. Stubbornness is both personal and global and influences almost everything, being a favorite strategy of the false personality to maintain control.

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May Forecast 2008

The main theme for May is TRUST with the main issue being learning to trust your instincts and the Instinctive Center.

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Positive & Negative Poles as Useful Tools

Just about everything in our experience has positive poles and negative poles, something that determines whether those experiences are enjoyable, satisfying, and joyful or painful and disconnecting. Positive and negative poles impact roles, goals, attitudes, modes, centers, levels of perception, needs, and values.

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January Forecast 2008

The main themes for January are SURVIVAL and SECURITY.  Sub-themes are Dependency, Responsibility and Flexibility.

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