Fall Equinox Full Moon Update 9-23-10

The Fall Equinox is Wednesday, September 22 at 9:08 PM MDT and the Harvest Full Moon is Thursday, September 23 at 3:17 AM MDT.

Acknowledge change, what is different, what is more, what is less, what is new, what is finished, what is starting and what is completing. This time supports community and being with others that are on the same page as you. It will be very obvious who is and who isn’t. See this equinox as the beginning of a new year or time frame and set new intentions and reset or refine ones currently in process. Be vigilant and aware of what wants to move and help it along without judgment.

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Super New Moon Update 9-8-10

The Super New Moon on Wednesday, September 8 at 4:31 AM MDT starts a new cycle of change.

The change includes changing your view and perception in what prosperity and abundance mean in your life. You could shift off your current limiting beliefs regarding what you can and cannot have, what you can or cannot do. This is truly a day for asking and receiving but be careful what you ask for. Also be very careful with your communication during this time, as it will carry great weight. Beware of your reactions and think before you speak. This is a very volatile time where tempers could flare and people around you can react impatiently, with martyrdom or extreme judgment. Do not take ANYTHING personally and use this time as an opportunity for opening into more expansion rather than to pick a fight or prove yourself right.

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Full Moon Update 8-24-10

Full moon is Tuesday, August 24 at 11:05 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

Think “expansion and opportunity”. It is easy to get lost in the battle between convention and innovation. Guess what? Innovation will win this time around. It may take awhile but if you want to be on the winning side, move away from convention and towards innovation. So take stock of what is new and different in your life. Celebrate the innovation, expansion and tremendous opportunity of these times. Do something you have seriously never ever done before in your life and see how it feels. Give yourself a present, not from obligation but from a place of true generosity and because you value who you are.

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New Moon Update 8-9-10

New Moon is Monday, August 9 at 9:08 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a pressure point like the overstuffed closet shelf breaking or the junk drawer falling out. Pay attention to where friction is showing up and where pressure is pushing to break through. You can help this process along by doing a breathing exercise where you inhale new fresh higher vibration energy, neutrality and light, and exhale old stale belief systems, limitations, judgments and attachments. Do this for 15 minutes and you will sense a shift. It may bring stuff up to deal with but at least things will be moving. Do this in your wheel and work with the one stone if you need to dislodge a stuck place.

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Full Moon Update 7-25-10

Full Moon is Sunday July 25 at 7:37 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

The container from which you operate your daily life is being stretched and worked, and you are being asked by spirit to step up to the plate. This is the time of giving birth to a new way of being, and as in real birth, there is no going back. If you are in crisis, step up to the plate. Be honest, tell the truth, enjoy the ride, do something today that marks a new power in you. Say yes to something spontaneous and leave some room for spirit to bring you an unexpected gift.

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New Moon w/ Total Solar Eclipse July 11th 2010

New Moon with a total solar eclipse (not visible in North America) is Sunday, July 11 at 1:40 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

If there is a crisis in your life, look for the opportunity and make some decisions. Stay away from places, people and situations that are not energetically clean if possible. Spend some time with yourself and with spirit. If fatigued, join the club and take a nap. Ask for help, ask for clarity, and ask for power, strength and courage. Be with yourself, nature and the elements. Appreciate all the opportunities you have at every turn on the road of life. Be grateful, grateful, grateful and look to the beauty on the planet to keep you inspired and looking to the future.

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Full Moon 6-26-10

Full Moon with a partial lunar eclipse is Saturday, June 26th at 5:31 AM MDT.

This is an incredible time just on the heels of the summer solstice, a time when things can really come together or they can really come apart. Both could be manifest in yourself and the world at large. Look for big shakeups, big events, big news, big change. Stay out of judgment and honor the cycle of creativity and destruction without worrying too much about which one happens to be showing up first. Decide what your life will be from here on in. This is definitely a day to spend some time reviewing, acknowledging and accepting what is happening in your life. It is also a day to be spending with people you really want to be with.

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New Moon 6-12-10

New Moon is Saturday, June 12 at 5:15AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a time frame for paying attention to the details that are needed to hold your intentions and expansive dreams together. The batter has to have a pan, the right oven temperature and someone watching the time in order to come out with a cake. The batter is your creative, inspired energy. The pan is your foundation or container. The right oven temperature and watching the time is your attention to detail. You may find yourself needing to say no to some social event because you have other responsibilities. Be practical but also ask for magic as it is very available right now!

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Full Moon 5-27-10

Full Moon is Thursday, May 27th at 5:08 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This moon is powerful and expansive and a perfect time to set up for the energies coming in next month. Focus on this expansive quality and ask what can be more expanded in your own life. Perhaps it is the way you perceive, or your finances or your connections with others. Use the fullness of the moon to imprint you with the ability to expand into the next level of functioning and the next level of creativity. Since we are going into a cycle of expansion, it is crucial to know exactly what you wish to expand, otherwise you may end up expanding what you don’t want. This is potentially a very prosperous and creative time.

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New Moon Update 12-13-10

New Moon is Thursday, May 13 at 7:04 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is definitely a day to focus on the caring and nurturing of the physical body. The times are intense energetically and the stress level may be higher than usual. The opportunity here is to increase your ability to ground high levels of creative energy (that may feel a bit chaotic) into organized form in order to actually manifest what you want.

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