New Moon 3-15-2010

The New Moon is Monday, March 15 at 3:10 PM Mountain Daylight Time.

Around this time is an excellent opportunity for doing something moving centered to honor renewal and re-birth. Take a short road trip or a local visit to someplace new and pay attention to everything that is beginning to germinate.

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Full Moon 2-28-10

Full moon is Sunday, February 28 at 9:38 AM Mountain Standard Time.

Do something expansive and new to honor your opening and expansion and stretching your horizons. Do something different and unique and perhaps arranged by someone else (especially if you are stubborn). Spend time acknowledging and cherishing life, beauty, and the feminine. Listen to spirit and give thanks for all the opportunities that have come your way for ever deepening your relationship to spirit and your true essence whether easy or challenging. Surrender the resistance to what is and what is happening in your life. If you don’t feel particularly energetic at this time, take a break from doing and just be.

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New Moon 2-13-2010

The New Moon is Saturday, February 13 at 7:51 PM Mountain Standard Time.

Be clear about what you desire most and what is most important to you. Differentiate between addictions and habits versus true desires. Set your desires with the intention of allowing them in and being receptive to how spirit brings right timing instead of trying to cause or efforting in your intentions. Take time to be in gratitude and to receive what comes. Allow yourself to be loved, to be nurtured and to be supported.

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