Group Shamanic Healing with Jose Stevens 10-23-19 – Just $10!

Join Jose Luis Stevens Ph.D., co-founder of the Power Path School of Shamanism for a Group Remote Shamanic Healing and Clearing Session Wednesday, October 23rd, 7PM Mountain Daylight Time. This healing is an excellent way to stay grounded and on the right path in these squirrelly and interesting times. Clear what is not yours and anchor a new pattern for a new story. Any work you do in these next few months will have a lasting impact on the future going into next year. Need not be connected live to receive the benefits.

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50% off Allies & Elementals for June!

The Power Path to Working with Allies and Elementals With Lena Stevens, Anna Stevens Harrington and Patricia Liles Feeling unsupported? Feeling like you’re going at it alone? Feeling anxious and afraid? When all else fails, you need your allies! Allies are one of the big sources of support, protection and…

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A Ceremony of Song

A Ceremony of Song is a personal healing experience and shamanic journey with 21 tracks of original icaros and prayers. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS EXCITING PROJECT!      

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Prosperity Online Course 50% off for March!

In this course, we comprehensively cover the principles of prosperity, the most effective processes to manifest what you need for greatest satisfaction, fulfillment, and completion. Knowing the law of attraction is helpful but not enough to clear the way to success. Here you will learn the most common obstacles to…

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Connecting With Your Natural Allies – Nature Solo

Nature has long been a source of power, support and guidance for shamanic cultures. Our 2019 Nature Solo is oriented towards helping you strengthen your shamanic connection with nature as an ally. The earth and the sky, the plants and animals, and each of the directions guide us into connection…

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Group Shamanic Healing with Lena Stevens – Just $10!

Join Lena Stevens, founder of the Power Path School of Shamanism for a Group Remote Shamanic Healing Session Tuesday, January 8th at 7PM Mountain Standard Time. We are in a potent time between 2 eclipses and a powerful time to anchor how you want to experience 2019. A shamanic healing is always a good way to keep the energy moving in the right direction.

The healing session is 1/2 hour. Cost is just $10.

Tuesday, January 8th at 7PM Mountain Standard Time.

The webinar will only be available live at the time.  It will not be recorded.  However, if you miss the webinar, all registrants will receive the healing energetically regardless if you attend the webinar or not. Please remember to register at least 1 hour prior to the session in order to insure you receive the links and log on information.

Once you have paid for the session, you will get an email with the registration link for the webinar.

You must complete this second step to be officially registered.

Please check your spam/junk folders for our emails as they sometimes go in there.

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Group Shamanic Healing with Anna Stevens 12-20-18 – Just $10!

Join Anna Stevens Harrington, shamanic practitioner, for a Group Remote Shamanic Healing Session Thursday, December 20th at 7PM Mountain Standard Time.  The healing session will include powerful work around the Solstice and upcoming Full Moon, setting intentions, bringing in the light and raising the vibration. With her beautiful Icaros and healing tools,…

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