2020/21 One Year Shamanic Studies Program

The 2020/2021 One Year Program is full and closed. The next one, starting in 2021, will be similar to below and we will have that information up in the fall. If you would like to get notice of when the next program is open for application please email us at admin@thepowerpath.com



With Jose, Lena and Anna Stevens
The purpose of this program is to learn about the shamanic path, from ancient to modern, how it interfaces with modern quantum physics, and, through powerful practices, ceremonies, wilderness solos and other shamanic experiences, to assimilate its wisdom and integrate it fully into daily life.
Enrollment is limited to 32 students that will form a supportive community for the year. A commitment to attend all meetings is expected and required as a prerequisite for any further advanced study.
Tuition: $4375 requiring $1575 deposit (non-refundable after February 1, 2020) with the balance paid in 10 installments of $280/monthly over the first 10 months beginning March 15, 2020.
The program is open to those who have some prior experience with shamanism, and by acceptance of the school. Participants must be in good physical and emotional condition, able to be in altitudes up to 9 thousand feet, hike on uneven ground, camp and sleep in a tent, and participate in all events some requiring early morning chi gong and sometimes staying up at night.
There will be 5 meetings beginning April 23, 2020 and ending April 29, 2021.
Two meetings will be held at Eagle Bear Ranch two hours NE of Santa Fe, one will be a Southwest Road trip to work with power spots in and around the Southwest including Chaco Canyon, one will be at a private resort on the beach one hour north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the first meeting will be in Santa Fe. The meetings at Eagle Bear will be all-inclusive with glorified camping facilities, bring your own tent, or trailer rental on a first come first serve basis. The meeting in Mexico requires your flight to Mexico and some transportation costs and that’s about it as all meals and lodging in shared rooms are included. The Southwest road trip requires camping in individual or shared tents and shared meal costs (participants will team up for bringing and sharing meal prep) and carpooling in 4-wheel drive high clearance vehicles. Each participant will be responsible for their own travel costs as well as any additional costs of lodging or food when not at Eagle Bear.  The first meeting in Santa Fe will require lodging and a few meals (we recommend grouping up and renting a few airbnb’s).

#1: Thursday, April 23, (2PM) –Monday April 27, (11AM) 2020 Santa Fe, NM
#2: Friday, July 10 (2PM) –Friday. July 17 (11AM) 2020: Eagle Bear Ranch, NM. Includes a 3-night solo.
#3: Tuesday October 6-Sunday, October 11, 2020: Southwest road trip (4 corners area and Chaco Canyon)
#4: Wednesday, January 20 -Tuesday, January 26, 2021. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
#5: Thursday, April 29 (2PM) -Monday May 3 (11AM) 2021: Eagle Bear Ranch, NM

#1: Working with the EAST. Laying the groundwork for a shamanic path. Understanding the territory; maps, realms, portals, frequency, the quantum field, the spirit world. (Santa Fe, NM)
#2: Working with the SOUTH. Allies, support, elementals, boundaries, protection, spiritual growth through shamanism, connection to spirit, building harmony, balance and relationships through shamanic practice. (Eagle Bear Ranch, NM, includes a 3 night solo)
#3: Working with the WEST.  Ancestors and ancestral patterns, releasing trauma, working with patterns, confronting fear, understanding death, recapitulation, shamanic intention, dealing with obstacles. (4 corners/Chaco) This is a road trip and will be organized in the weeks prior to the dates.
#4: Working with the NORTH. Working with power, places, objects, allies, soul retrieval, bids for power, the path of power. (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
#5: Completion of the North and the program. Review and putting it all together. Practical application in daily life. Expression through art, music and movement. (Eagle Bear Ranch, NM)
Each meeting will include song, movement, storytelling, prayer, creative expression, ceremony and practices for building personal power. There will be a container of support and communication throughout the year for the one -year program community. You will come up with a totem clan name during the first meeting and upon completion of all meetings you will be eligible for the practitioners trainings as well as deeper work in advanced trainings and shamanic travel.

For more information or to get an application, please contact the office at 505-982-8732 or admin@thepowerpath.com