Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel Training with Jose and Lena Stevens

Dear Friends,

Earlier this year we had a retreat in Puerto Vallarta (we know some of you wish you had been there) where we presented some really powerful information on how to shift our paradigm and redream our reality. Using the foundational structure of the medicine wheel and the understanding of how trauma and experiences and information get stored, we worked on releasing old patterns deep in the instinctive center and shifting our belief systems enabling other fields and frequencies to be brought in for creating a new dream. It was extremely effective, very transformational and inspiring to be working not only to improve our individual experience and ability to manifest, but also to focus collectively on changing the the dream on our planet.

Last month the Shift Network asked us to teach a 7 week course on this material and we are really excited and honored by this opportunity to share with a larger community of like minded people. The course is called the “Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel” and its going to be a great class. We are asking everyone to pass the information along to anyone you think may be interested in participating. We are looking forward to sharing this transformational experience with you and to being of service in collectively creating a new dream for our planet.

Many blessings to all of you.
There is no better time for a New Dream!

Jose and Lena

Here is the info on the course as outlined by the Shift Network:

How would it feel to uncover a shamanic path to more peace, greater authenticity, deeper connection to all beings, and a fuller heart?

This (and so many of the transformations you crave) are possible when you begin to embrace the power of the Medicine Wheel.

This ancient shamanic “map” refers to the energetic forces all around us — in each direction, North, South, East, and West, as well as Above (the Heavens) and Below (the Earth) — and organizes them for us.

Use the Medicine Wheel to better understand how you’ve created your reality and what you can do to transform or “re-dream” it to manifest the life you desire.

Experience how to work with the beneficial flow of cosmic energies around you to remove blocks and awaken through the discovery and transformation of your own many energetic layers.

New 7-week Live Video Training Starts
Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel: How to Access an Ancient Map to Release Obstacles, Align With Power & Manifest Your Deepest Visions

You can find out more and reserve your spot here:


During this potent training, you’ll be introduced to:

How energetic patterns are stored in your body and tools to help you release them
How the Medicine Wheel can be used to help you make the transformations you crave
The shamanic method for manifesting in the physical realm
How to move with the Medicine Wheel to manifest your goals effortlessly
How to use the Medicine Wheel to diagnose exactly how to get back on track in your life
And MUCH, MUCH more…

Don’t miss this opportunity to let us guide you in using the Medicine Wheel to help in your healing and evolution, to manifest more successfully in the physical realm, and more!

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Jose and Lena Stevens