Group Healing with Anna Stevens – Just $10

ADJUSTMENT often includes a shift out of the old and a conscious step into what is new. Using the power of the EQUINOX, this will be a special healing opportunity with Anna Stevens Harrington. If you feel like you need some extra support, consider participating in this remote shamanic group healing session with Anna. This session will be focused on using the equinox to adjust and bring in new energies through clearing of the old and moving towards a higher frequency for a new alignment. Just on the heels of the new moon, this is a timely session for the theme of this month. It will include icaros for deep clearing, healing, adjustment, and support for your intentions.

Cost is just $10.  The healing session is 1/2 hour.

These group healing sessions are extremely helpful at this time and will keep you on track.
Thursday, September  21 at 7:00PM Mountain Daylight Time.

The webinar will only be available live at the time.  It will not be recorded.  However, if you miss the webinar, all registrants will receive the healing regardless if you attend the webinar or not. Please remember to register at least 1 hour prior to the session in order to insure you receive the links and log on information. There will be a call in option so you need not be connected to a computer.

Once you have paid for the program, you will get an email with the registration link for the webinar.

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