Remote Group Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based on the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension. Shamanism is the worlds oldest spiritual healing practice dating back at least 40,000 years and without the early shaman’s medical expertise the human race would probably never have survived.  Shamans were the first physicians who set bones, reduced fevers, and expertly diagnosed and treated maladies using their knowledge of herbs, plant medicines, minerals, and natures pharmacy. They were excellent psychologists who counselled, supported people to cope with trauma, loss, and fear, and helped them to heal from mental and emotional disturbances. In addition, they were excellent at conducting ceremonial healing sessions and accurately diagnosing and forecasting outcomes.

The good shamans of the world have always carried a viewpoint remarkably similar to today’s quantum physicists. They understand that everything in the universe is interconnected in the great web of life and that communication-based on resonance, vibration, and induction requires no time or space to accomplish via the quantum field. In other words, through strong intention and sound vibration, along with the support of powerful allies and shamanic tools such as singing, chanting, rattling and drumming, subtle or dramatic healing of suffering can take place extremely rapidly. This becomes even more possible through the power of group healing. Today, throughout the world, allopathically trained physicians are beginning to work in tandem with shamanically trained indigenous healers in a more holistic approach to healing their patients.

Our bi-weekly long distance (remote) group shamanic healings are brief, usually lasting no more than one half-hour. People call in to participate from all parts of the world from all different time zones. Although they are broadcast in English, we often sing in Spanish, Quechua, or Shipibo, sometimes using Huichol words and concepts. These sessions usually address both what is happening energetically in the world at that particular time as well as offer participatory exercises and practices that allow people everywhere to address their own unique healing needs and assist in healing themselves through their participation. People who are unable to make the call often experience a powerful transformative effect from wherever they are.  We hope you will join us for these powerful healing sessions.

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