SSP Shamanism Conference: Find Your Medicine, Be the Medicine

One of the primary tenets of shamanism is that medicine exists in everything. The plants and animals, the earth and sky, the stones, water, fire and air, all bring healing and balance to the wholeness of life. And in the same way, each one of us humans carry within us a unique medicine, a way of healing that only we can offer the world.

Find Your Medicine, Be The Medicine is a 4-day shamanic conference for people of all experience levels who wish to offer their personal medicine in service to their communities and our planet. The conference will be guided by 6 shamanic teachers combining spoken word presentations, experiential practices and shamanic ceremony. These techniques will guide you on a personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We hope you can join us in Santa Fe, NM for this not-to-miss event!

The shamanic teachers will be Jose and Lena Stevens, Anna Stevens Harrington, Sandra Ingerman, John Lockley and Ana H. Larramendi.  The Society for Shamanic Practice is the host.