Monthly Support Product Access SINGLE

This is a tutorial on downloading audio products on an Apple Computer. If you use a windows computer you will use a different program to unzip your file (you may need to download a program). Most of our audio files are Zipped to allow for faster downloading. All Zipped files must first be downloaded to your computer, then uncompressed before being transferred to your mobile device for playback. You WILL NOT be able to download a ZIP file to your phone or tablet.

STEP 1: When you decide to purchase an audio product, hit “add to cart”.




STEP 2: Click “View Cart”



STEP 3: If you are finished shopping click “Proceed to Checkout” to purchase your files



STEP 4: Click “Place order”



STEP 5A: If there is a payment due you will have to submit your payment information, and after it is processed you well receive an email with your download link, click it to initiate the download process.



STEP 5B: If the product is free, you will be provided with a download link on the next page, no need to wait for an email, click “Download File”



STEP 6: After you click download, you will see this window pop up. Open or Save the file and click “OK”



STEP 7: You have downloaded a zip file, to uncompress it double-click on the link. It will uncompress and open the Audio MP3



STEP 8: Click the recently unzipped MP3 file and it should automatically open iTunes and start to play.



STEP 9: Play, Pause and listen to your audio file anytime in iTunes.