About Blue Deer Ranch

blue_deer_intro_img"Blue Deer Ranch" is the 700 acre parcel of land adjacent to the Southern boundary of Eagle Bear Ranch where Jose and Lena and the Power Path hold their retreats. In Mora County, Blue Deer is 2 hours NE of Santa Fe, near the town of Mora, NM. The land is rich in meadows, Ponderosa Pine, New Mexico Oak, interesting rock formations, diverse landscape, great views and wildlife. The Blue Deer is sacred to the Huicholes in Mexico and a part of their shamanic tradition. Blue Deer was named after “Kayumari, the Blue Deer” after many synchronistic events and magical encounters on the land. Blue Deer carries the sweet and powerful energy of the “Blue Deer”.

Offerings are by 1/16 interest in 700 acres with a 10 acre designated personal use area. Restrictive Covenants and a Property Ownership agreement are attached to the individual deed and act as guidelines for the protection of the land. With Eagle Bear Ranch and Inti Palka Ranch (to the north), there are close to 2500 acres adjacent to each other being held in a shamanic container of like minded community members. This is not a subdivision and ownership is subject to the bylaws of the Blue Deer Ranch Association.

Land for Sale – #16 Blue Deer Ranch Co-Owner Use Area

Personal Use Area #16 is one of a unique parcel on Blue Deer Ranch. Located on the eastern slope of the Ranch it has a large outcropping of rocks that tower over the main Ranch road and provides a beautiful natural framework for building a yurt, mountain cabin or simply as a place to camp and absorb the energy and beauty of the land. It overlooks a sweeping meadow to the west and looks out toward the western and northern mountain ranges. The land has been carefully thinned with special attention toward opening the referenced rock outcropping area to maximize its southern solar exposure. The land is easily accessed from the main Ranch road from the south side of the parcel. It has two verified (staked) well sites if a personal water well is desired. It is also the only parcel that can economically access underground grid power in lieu of building a solar supply system and offers similar access to high-speed underground internet fiber. Directly above the land on the eastern mountain ridge is one of two local cell towers that provide this section of the Ranch with excellent cellular coverage. Additionally, #16 is one of the more private parcels in the co-owner use area.


1/16 interest in 700 acres with a 10 acre personal use area
Gordon Bergh

Land For Sale – Blue Deer Ranch

Price: $65,000.00 for a 1/16 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 10 acres. Each interest allows for a personal 10 acres plus the undivided use of 540 acres of common land. At this time there are only a few percentage ownerships left available.

1/16 interest in 700 acres
Lena Stevens

About Inti Palka Ranch

inti_palka_intro_imgIncredibly beautiful and powerful land in Northern New Mexico near the little town of Mora. A 1/17 interest in 700 acres of pristine land gives you a designated 20 acre personal use area for calling your own and access to 350 acres of common land. Rich in several species of tall pines, oak, cedar, juniper; with meadows, ridges, valleys and rock outcroppings, this is a very diverse and exquisite landscape. Inti Palka Ranch (the Valley of the Sun in Quechua) is situated along a potent energy line that includes such powerful places as Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta and the Blue Lakes in Taos. There is no light pollution or electromagnetic interference giving the land a much coveted and incredible night sky. This is not a subdivision and ownership is subject to the bylaws of the Inti Palka Ranch Association, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and an Ownership Agreement.

Land and Cabin for Sale – #7 at Inti Palka Ranch

This incredible zero energy, sustainable property was built with love and consciousness. 20 acres of mature ponderosa pines and rock outcroppings create the setting for this peaceful retreat. The strawbale cabin is sited in a SE orientation for maximum sun exposure in the winter months and cooling breezes in the summer months. The building site faces into a beautiful mountain valley with a sacred kiva and powerful prayer rock outcroppings adjacent. Construction was a thoughtful, intentional process. The energy is so clean, the hand carved details so beautiful.
• 820 SF on the first floor: Kitchen, living, dining, 1 bedroom, full bathroom, entry area with mechanical room and storage closet, walk in pantry, with a full sleeping loft on the second floor.

• Sleeps 10 comfortably.
• 1 KW solar power, with 8 brand new batteries for power storage, solar hot water (on roof) and instant hot water inside, propane, great wood stove, propane wall heater for back-up.
• Shared well, pump and solar panel for well (shared with Lot 8,) shared underground water cistern (with Lot 8) (excellent water supply!)
• Septic system (all indoor plumbing!)
• Strawbale built with bamboo supports (no metal) to eliminate energetic interference.
• All ponderosa pine trees taken from the land for construction done so with prayer and ceremony.
• Hand peeled ponderosa pine logs from the land, hand carved wooden window sills, front door, dining table, lots of artistic details.
• American clay wall finish.
• Handmade adobe brick heat sink wall behind wood stove and polished mud floors serve as a heat sink to retain heat in the house in the winter months and keep it cool in the summer months.
• Indoor sink, toilet and awesome shower and bath tub and washing machine and dryer.
• Full kitchen…cook top, oven, sink.
• Many more cool details.
• Furnishings negotiable

More info at https://www.intipalkaranchllc.com/land-for-sale/lot-7-at-inti-palka-ranch/

The property is a 1/17 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 20 acres known as Area #7. The ownership is subject to CC and R’s, Property Ownership Agreement and Inti Palka Ranch Association Bylaws. These documents, as well as additional photos, will be sent to any interested parties upon request.

1/17 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 20 acres
Leslie Bethel

Land for Sale – #12 at Inti Palka

This serene, off-the-grid retreat, is part of a community that cares deeply about land stewardship and respect for all life.** The retreat is nestled in a ponderosa pine forest that surrounds a meadow of native grasses and wildflowers. A portion of the area has been thinned, creating a park-like environment that protects the health of the trees, encourages the growth of native plants, and expands the habitat for many native species including wild turkeys, grey foxes, horny toads, hummingbirds, ravens and many birds of prey. For human comfort, there is a twenty-four-foot yurt, a hammock to contemplate the universe, a bathhouse with a 100-gallon water tank, shower and compost toilet, an outdoor kitchen large enough to entertain guests, and a shed for tools and equipment.  There is also a community well that can be accessed by all owners. Step out the door of the yurt for relaxing walks, energizing cycling, or vigorous hikes. Just north of the historic town of Las Vegas, this location offers a getaway surrounded by beauty and privacy. Enjoy starry nights and sunny days in a community-minded neighborhood.

**The property is a 1/17 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 20 acres known as area #12. The ownership is subject to CC and R’s, Property Ownership Agreement and Inti Palka Ranch Association Bylaws. These documents, as well as additional photos, will be sent to any interested parties upon request to Charlotte Pollard.

1/17 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 20 acres
Charlotte Pollard

Land for Sale – #9 at Inti Palka

An individually deeded 1/17 interest in 700 acres with assigned personal use area known as #9. One of the most private and beautiful parcels at Inti Palka Ranch available. Substantial meadow with convenient road access for potential building or other structure. Community well is conveniently located, as is access to the southern ridge line and beautiful view.

1/17 interest in 700 acres with a 20 acre personal use area known as #9
Contact Rae Riedel

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