About Blue Deer Ranch

blue_deer_intro_img"Blue Deer Ranch" is the 700 acre parcel of land adjacent to the Southern boundary of Eagle Bear Ranch where Jose and Lena and the Power Path hold their retreats. In Mora County, Blue Deer is 2 hours NE of Santa Fe, near the town of Mora, NM. The land is rich in meadows, Ponderosa Pine, New Mexico Oak, interesting rock formations, diverse landscape, great views and wildlife. The Blue Deer is sacred to the Huicholes in Mexico and a part of their shamanic tradition. Blue Deer was named after “Kayumari, the Blue Deer” after many synchronistic events and magical encounters on the land. Blue Deer carries the sweet and powerful energy of the “Blue Deer”.

Offerings are by 1/16 interest in 700 acres with a 10 acre designated personal use area. Restrictive Covenants and a Property Ownership agreement are attached to the individual deed and act as guidelines for the protection of the land. With Eagle Bear Ranch and Inti Palka Ranch (to the north), there are close to 2500 acres adjacent to each other being held in a shamanic container of like minded community members. This is not a subdivision and ownership is subject to the bylaws of the Blue Deer Ranch Association.

Land For Sale – Blue Deer Ranch

Price: $65,000.00 for a 1/16 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 10 acres. Each interest allows for a personal 10 acres plus the undivided use of 540 acres of common land. At this time there are only a few percentage ownerships left available.

1/16 interest in 700 acres
Lena Stevens

About Inti Palka Ranch

inti_palka_intro_imgIncredibly beautiful and powerful land in Northern New Mexico near the little town of Mora. A 1/17 interest in 700 acres of pristine land gives you a designated 20 acre personal use area for calling your own and access to 350 acres of common land. Rich in several species of tall pines, oak, cedar, juniper; with meadows, ridges, valleys and rock outcroppings, this is a very diverse and exquisite landscape. Inti Palka Ranch (the Valley of the Sun in Quechua) is situated along a potent energy line that includes such powerful places as Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta and the Blue Lakes in Taos. There is no light pollution or electromagnetic interference giving the land a much coveted and incredible night sky. This is not a subdivision and ownership is subject to the bylaws of the Inti Palka Ranch Association, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and an Ownership Agreement.

Land for Sale – #2 at Inti Palka

This Use Area is close to Inti Palka’s entrance and has terrain that ranges from nearly level to rugged rocks up at the base of Puma Ridge.  In 2015, utilizing New Mexico’s Forest Health Improvement Program, the tree density of the bottom 10 acres was thinned out, which has allowed in more sunlight, creating an inviting park-like feel.  A 17’x17’ platform has been added that could be the base for a tent, and there is also an outhouse nearby.  Close to these two structures is a clearing that would be an ideal spot for a yurt, with beautiful views of the meadow to the west and the more forested area to the east.

The property is a 1/17 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 20 acres known as Area #2. The ownership is subject to CC and R’s, Property Ownership Agreement and Inti Palka Ranch Association Bylaws. These documents, as well as additional photos, will be sent to any interested parties upon request.

More info at https://www.intipalkaranchllc.com/land-for-sale/area-2-at-inti-palka-ranch/

1/17 interest in 700 acres with a personal use area of 20 acres
Greg Steuck

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