April 2019 Monthly Forecast


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The main theme for April is “TRUTH > CHOICE > ACTION”


This is a very interesting month with many ups and downs, twists and turns, eccentric insights, and changes and reversals that will definitely keep you on your toes. The themes of Truth, Choice and Action create a channel for transformation that is much like the birth canal. The only way out is by going through it and there is no going back.

Truth comes as an inner knowing not yet defined. Choice is the emotional commitment that needs no explanation or reason. Action is the disciplined follow-through that anchors a new path.

We often think of truth as something connected to our thoughts and intellect, something we can define and explain, but truth in this context is a fuller knowing and more of an insight that does not yet have a mental definition. Truth will come from an intuitive reaction that precedes understanding and will have to be trusted as authentic. This is challenging as truth is very personal and your truth will not be everyone’s experience. It is important to claim your own truth at the same time allowing others to claim theirs without judgment.

The monkey wrench in all of this is the deceptive quality or the artisan creative energy we have as an underlying theme for the year. This energy supports possibilities for manipulating “truth” to feed the ego and the desires of the false personality. If your truth is not coming from a place of neutrality and essence but rather from a place of motivation by one of the 7 obstacles (Greed, Self–Destruction, Arrogance, Self-Deprecation, Impatience, Martyrdom, Stubbornness) then you are vulnerable to some deception. You will also need to watch for others throwing their “truth” at you that is clearly motivated by ego and full of self-deception.

Any truth that seems to have a neat little definition and explanation is probably compromised by machinations of the false personality. Watch for projection as a high probability this month and set some good boundaries against taking anything personally that comes at you from others. This goes for your personal behavior as well. Claim your truth but don’t project it onto others. Make sure your truth is motivated by essence and not your false personality. If you require others to agree with your truth, there is likely a motive and attachment fed by ego.

Choice will follow an insight or inner knowing as the commitment of the heart to make a change or to proceed in a certain direction. This is also an intuitive process that requires trust in your personal truth that is driving the choice. For example, if your truth is that you need to relocate because your environment does not support you despite the attachment of your community, livelihood and friends, then you have to trust that it is the right choice to move despite all the reasoning from yourself and others about why it may be a bad idea.

Watch for fear to surface as a challenge to overcome. Fear that you may be making the wrong choice, fear that you will not be able to follow through, fear that you won’t have what it takes, fear that your life will get worse and not better, all of which are really the mind simply wanting to take back control over what it does not understand by inserting doubt into your truth.

Action is what follows as the confirmation of your choice. If your truth is an insight that a relationship is not right for you, and the choice is to make a change, then the action step is to physically complete the ending of that relationship. There is a saying, “talk is cheap” and actions speak louder than words. So, you will need to step it up this month and be disciplined about following through with your choices and decisions. If you don’t follow through with action because of fear, doubt, ambivalence, or worry about what others may think, you may get lost in the limbo place of not being able to move forward. Remember the birth canal. The only way out is through. Getting stuck will be very uncomfortable.

One of the most important ways to navigate this month is to keep a “don’t know mind” as well as being unattached to how the end result will manifest. This was also a theme for last month as allowing for that “next step” to find you instead of the rational mind trying to control it. Fear of the unknown can trigger the mind’s worry mechanism to come out with all kinds of negative “what if” scenarios. The future is a void of possibilities and if you stay present with your truth and allow for your authentic choices to guide your actions, you will manifest the right situation for yourself.

But remember to keep a very disciplined “don’t know mind” and not take anything personally that others attempt to project onto you. Because the month has ups and downs, twists and turns and possible bizarre and unexplainable events, it is more important than ever to stay out of judgment and to keep a “wait and see” attitude. Any expectation that is attached to a particular outcome is subject to disappointment when things take a different turn.

Truth this month will affect many areas of your life from health issues to relationships, from your unique needs to your true desires, from work to purpose and much more. You won’t be able to please everyone with your choices and you are likely to create disappointment and reactions in others but this is where you need to stay neutral and true to yourself. Some will disagree with your actions, and if they do it is because of their own fear of change and their own attachment to their comfort that includes you remaining familiar to them.


How the month shows up:


This can be a great month of change for you but some of the truth may be hard to face. The distractions to your own inner personal work may be a great temptation and important to overcome and discipline will help. If you are having difficulty with discipline around bigger issues, practice discipline around baby steps and practices in your life that are not such big life changing situations. For example, if you are one of those that have your phone or computer on all the time and are always available, try a discipline of shutting down at a certain time of day and stick to it as a way to support more free time for yourself.

The areas where truth could be difficult to face this month could be around your personal habits, spiritual commitment, relationships, work, or health situations that are either not supporting or serving you, or not getting enough attention and energy from you. This includes your beliefs and thought processes that may be obsessive or negative, always fearing the worst, or it could include addictions, dissatisfaction with life, and not taking responsibility for yourself by expecting others to fix it, and in the process, giving all of your power away.

You have a great opportunity here to take full responsibility for your life, your truth, your choices and your actions. No one is going to fix it for you. You can receive guidance and direction but you are the one that has to embrace your own next step and show up. It is time to stop complaining, blaming, judging and disassociating. Engage in life, serve yourself and be an example to others.



A tricky month for relationships as they are the most vulnerable to projection, blame and taking things personally. They are also one of the areas where truth is likely to inspire choices and actions that not everyone is happy with. Your job is to stay as neutral as possible and face whatever truth that comes from a deeper intuition. The bigger challenge may also be accepting someone else’s truth that affects your own attachments and comfort level in some way.

On the other hand, look for and accept support that comes your way through relationships that are magnetized to some choice you are inspired to make and some action you are motivated to take. Support that comes your way that feels right is probably authentic. Trust it if it feels true to you.

Be open to new experiences around relationships and take some time to really tell the truth about what is working and what isn’t in your current ones. Important relationships especially could use a review and some truth about what could be improved.



This is an important month to pay attention and tell the truth about your health on all levels. The physical body is your container for this lifetime and the only one you have. No one else can take responsibility for your health and vitality. This is your task and you need to be proactive with it. If you are passive about your personal self-care and allow others to dictate, you are not allowing your personal truth to guide your choices and actions. This is a very subjective area since everyone is unique in their needs and what works for one does not necessarily work for someone else.

If the truth you may have to face about your personal health and vitality is challenging, it may throw you into despair or depression. It is imperative that you take a proactive attitude and allow that truth to move you into choice and then action. In some ways, the discipline required to support your health in a positive way can be more difficult than around other areas of your life. Sometimes baby steps are necessary to establish new routines that are more supportive to you.

Truth, Choice and Action engage the 6th, 4th and 3rd chakras. How this may affect your health this month is feeling foggy headed, having trouble with nausea or digestion, and going through emotional ups and downs. Be aware of it all from a place of neutrality without rationalizing, blaming or judging. It is also important that you refrain from trying to control others by imposing your own beliefs about what you think is true and best for them. If they want your input, they will ask.

There is a good exercise on our monthly support audio that includes working with these 3 chakras. (link here)

We have also have a webinar coming up on Chakras on April 10th: The 7 Chakras: What They Are and How They Work. (link here)

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Embrace truth, make choices and take action. Some truth will excite and inspire you, some may depress or shock you and some will confuse you. Some choices will be easy to make and some difficult. Some actions will be effortless and some may be attached to fear and doubt. The most important thing is to keep the energy moving. Remember the birth canal. If something needs to be completed, do it proactively. If a project needs attention, give it. If a partnership is not working, address it. It could be a turbulent time for understanding what is happening around the physical structure of your life. Keep “don’t know mind” and focus on your truth as the guiding principle.

This is not a month to sit back and wait for someone else to step in and fix a situation that you have responsibility for. On the other hand, if it is not your responsibility, don’t take it on. You have the opportunity to step up to the next level in the way you show up. This is a good month for making a bid for power around something that you really want for yourself. It could be a new business idea or an expansion of a current one, a new direction for your work or a completion of a dependency on others. Make sure this bid for power is motivated by authentic truth and clear choice and your actions will then be greatly supported.



Your physical environment may take a hit as choices are made and changes occur. Watch for plumbing and water issues, electrical malfunctions, accidents, breakage and other inconveniences, some great, some small. The physical environment is in the process of adjusting itself to changes in frequency and vibration on the planet and is having a bit of a time of it.

The climate and weather may also be squirrelly this month as it supports the eccentricity and emotional ups and downs of the times. Be flexible in your plans and try not to resist natural events that may affect your intentions.

Truth related to your environment requires presence in noticing what needs attention. This may be the time you make a choice to fix or upgrade something you have been procrastinating or living with for a long time. You may become more sensitive to the effects your environment has on you and wish to make changes where you can to support you better.

It is a good month for truth around environmental issues to become more transparent and unavoidable despite resistance, blame and self-deception. Instead of reacting to what is happening or not happening “out there”, look to making the right choices around your own environment and take the action necessary to improve your own back yard.



April 1-7: This is the most squirrely time frame where you could feel victimized by events out of your control. Accept everything as it comes without judgment but don’t lose your way by being passive. You must continue to put one foot in front of the other in order to successfully come out the other side of the birth canal. It is not about efforting, but rather about staying engaged and present.

It is crucial during this time frame that you differentiate between what is yours and what isn’t. Don’t try and figure something out for someone else. Too much attention on other people’s business probably means you are avoiding taking care of your own. What are you avoiding? The truth will surface despite your avoidance so it is best to invite it proactively in and move into a place of neutrality as you process it.

Recent “houcha balls” full of dysfunction, deep dark negative patterns and old wounds have surfaced in the past couple of months and might be still on your plate waiting to be processed and truth extracted. Despite the challenge, be disciplined about this process as there is great freedom on the other side of insight, choice and action.


April 5: New Moon is Friday, April 5 at 2:52 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This new moon provides an excellent opportunity to re-examine the truth of your current life, what your intentions have been and where they need to change or remain the same. Turn disappointments or frustrations into proactive choices to do things differently. Stay in the higher center of positivity and optimism while staying open to unexpected opportunities. You may have to give up any pessimism or cynicism you may be harboring about the “energy of the times”.


April 8-15: Emotional ups and downs mark this time frame and challenge our neutrality, patience and compassion. One day you feel great and everything is falling into place, and the next day all seems to be dissolving. The need to rationalize, blame, judge and define can take you down a path of limiting obsession, confusion and negativity.

If you stay in acceptance and keep “don’t know mind”, always training your focus and presence on what is possible with self-confidence about your ability to create, you can navigate this time frame positively and actually bring in something new and wonderful into your life. When breakage and dissolving occurs it always makes room for something new, so focus on what is coming instead of what is leaving.


April 16-22: There is an alignment focused on action and manifestation during this time. You can begin to see results of your discipline especially around setting boundaries and following your own truth. There is still chaos causing much confusion and you can either join in the fray or stay in your own lane. Of course, it is always interesting to participate in the drama and there will definitely be drama. However, the distraction of drama especially other people’s drama, can drain vital energy from you that could be used towards feeding some bid for power important to you and your intentions. So be aware of your choices and their consequences. It’s your life and you create what happens.


April 19: Full Moon is Friday, April 19 at 5:12 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) More on this full moon will be sent to those signed up to receive email notices. (sign up at the top, above)


April 23-30: The quality of this time frame is much like the sorting hat at Hogwarts for those of you that are familiar with the Harry Potter stories. It is a time of sorting out what is working, what isn’t, what you are struggling with, what is coming easily, where you belong, where you don’t, what relationships are over, which ones are beginning, what needs attention, and what the action plan should be.

This is the great reorganization that will anchor a new path, project, relationship, attitude, or experience of who you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you feel like you don’t yet know who that person is, it is a good sign that something is different, changing and evolving. Hopefully you feel like you have emerged through that birth canal into a new world yet to be discovered. Be inspired by the possibilities and enjoy the adventure!

Have a wonderful month!



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