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The main theme for April is “CREATING THE NEW”

There are many other themes at work this month: adaptability, adjustment, acceptance, surrender, transformation, change, assimilation, deeper meaning, and others. Although we are definitely working all of these themes on a daily basis, given where we are and what we are dealing with in these times, “Creating the New” supports us to be more proactive and affective with the process instead of being at the effect of our personal and global situations.
April is a very fertile month full of opportunities even if they are not yet apparent. There is an energy that wants to manifest outwardly even if it is just in new ideas and seeding a creative foundation for a future project. Even as many of us are quarantined with insecure plans or directions and are not sure about anything especially where and when to take action, and, even as our mobility has been compromised and the structures we have come to rely on are no longer becoming viable support systems, there is always something you can do in preparing the soil for the new seeds of creativity.  Making choices, clearing out the old and anything that no longer works for you is making good compost for future intentions. Focusing on creating the new instead of losing the old keeps us proactive and positive.
When a computer runs out of space and memory, it is time to shut it down, clean it up, get rid of the old files that are cluttering up the system, and add an internal upgrade. When it is rebooted, you have many more options, a learning curve for the new applications, and the kinks often need to be worked out.
If our planet is like a computer, it has now been shut down. A virus has corrupted our files and we are in the process of reworking everything. When it reboots, it will be a different operating system that will have to take some getting used to. When the computer is down, one has to use creative and alternative methods to complete tasks and communicate with others. This is a simple analogy of the bigger picture of where we are.
Creating the New requires adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness and adjustment. It also demands that we live our truth more than ever before. Authentic creation can only spring from the seed that you have within you that is connected to your own medicine, your own truth and your own purpose. We are given the opportunity to go into the void and connect with creative material we have not accessed or used before. This is not about dismantling an old structure and then rebuilding something from old materials. This is about the old structures dissolving completely and new forms emerging from deep within.
We cannot rely on the external as the external world is unstable and in the process of great change and transformation as has been predicted by many indigenous peoples, channels and prophesies. It is up to each one of us to travel inward and to connect with our own internal source of power and creativity in order to create the new for ourselves and the planet.
Old ideals that are stubbornly holding on are like fierce weeds that threaten to choke out the seedlings that are emerging. These weeds have deep roots but as any living thing, they will also die if not fed. What feeds them is fear, attachment, greed, competition and all the negative traits that have built up in our consciousness and global society over the past two thousand years. If you turn your attention away from the negative and always inward towards the void and positive creative possibilities, the weeds will weaken and die.
Another important aspect of the creative piece this month is working with the feminine and the second chakra. The second chakra holds a lot of information and is directly connected to the creative process. We are, as a global community, needing to clear and heal the feminine creative source, balance the destructive side of that coin, and open ourselves up to the power within.
The isolation through quarantine that many of us are experiencing gives us a perfect opportunity to be proactive with our time and energy. Don’t feel you have to fill up every moment with action. Contemplation, meditation, spiritual practices and simply being, with the intention of opening yourself up to your own authentic truth, creativity and medicine is always worthy and a good place to start. Then proceed with action when and as you receive clear inspiration. You have the benefit of distancing yourself from others so that your new creative ideas and inspirations have a good chance of being truly your own.
With that said, a cluttered environment is never supportive for clean, clear, and new creative ideas. Some of you may have to do some cleaning and clearing first. It is Spring after all! (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere)
Suggested and super helpful this month:
Monthly support Mp3 to work with the second chakra and access creativity (link here)
Shamanic clearing of self, stuff and space (link here)

How the month shows up:


Transformation, transformation, transformation. We have such an opportunity here to create the new and to transform our lives. Even those of you who are still working within old structures can intend that this time of change will somehow initiate the emergence of a new creative design that will eventually manifest a new form. In a way, this is a time of great discipline. Discipline to think, be positive, and keep your spirits high. Discipline to try something new. Discipline to release the old. Discipline to do your spiritual practices. Discipline to change dysfunctional, non-productive and self-destructive habits. Discipline to communicate your truth. Discipline to follow through with your creative ideas and inspirations.
This is also a month where personally we look at what is essential to us. It is curious that many areas have closed “non-essential” businesses. It gives us an opportunity to consider what is truly essential for us personally to be in our authentic joy, creativity and purpose. This will be different for each person. You may not be able to act on what is essential to you due to the restrictions we are all experiencing right at this time, but the clarity of what “essential” is to you will be there. Pay attention so that when you have the freedom to choose, you can be directed by your own truth and inner power.
You may feel like nothing is happening and you are only in a holding pattern due to the pandemic situation. Know that quite a lot is happening on a deeper level within yourself as well as in the instinctive center of the planet that will permanently change the energy patterns. What emerges will be something new. We need to keep a “don’t know mind” as we move forward into the great unknown.


This is a great time to work on your relationship with yourself. What is essential to you? What is your self-care at this time? Appreciate being with yourself without distraction, feel your feelings, deal with what is coming up. Clear, forgive, choose, improve and be disciplined. Reach out to those you are connected with that mean something to you. This time gives us an opportunity to cull the relationships that are complete, non-essential and unnecessary. It also gives us an opportunity to reach out to those that perhaps we have neglected due to time or distance constraints.
Because this is a time when we are connecting to a deeper meaning, conversations and communication can be on a deeper level of authenticity. We advise to limit endless non-essential chatter on social media and move instead to one on one conversations and sharing that will actually feed and inspire you. It is good to be informed but not useful to engage in the drama of collective negative reaction. This will undermine your creativity and inspiration.


The physical body is taking it on at this time. Whenever there is a shift in consciousness and vibration on the planet, the physical body need to adjust to new patterns of energy. Even those who are not being affected by an identifiable illness are feeling symptoms of fatigue, aches and pains, mild headaches and fog brain, fluctuations in heat, cold and energy levels, digestive issues and nausea, and a general sense of physical discomfort. One day feeling great and the next day feeling some or all of the above.
The remedy is to drink a lot of water as the kidneys and bladder are affected. The kidneys hold and process fear. We are also in a physical, mental and emotional detox requiring plenty of water, fresh air and exercise. Physical exercise and moving the body is key to good circulation. You cannot move energy through the body simply by meditating. Moving the body also gets those creative juices to flow which are super important right now. We recommend living room dance parties, long walks in nature, bicycling, running, swimming, yoga, stretching and anything that moves your body.
There are new creative patterns emerging from deep within and moving the body will help them to settle in to support whatever new form you are creating for yourself.
Find out more about the body in Jose’s Webinar coming up April 14“The Body as a Map” (link here)


We all know that many business models and businesses are going through changes right now in order to accommodate the pandemic situation and quarantine mandates. This is actually a good thing. It forces us to think creatively and come up with solutions outside the norm. If your business or projects have been affected, use this opportunity to first reflect on whether the work is truly what you want and then if so, how it can change into a new form to better support you and others.
There may not be good clarity about the details of the future as it relates to business, partnerships and projects, but there can be good clarity about how you want to feel when the big computer is finally rebooted. No one is going back to “business as usual”. We need to be inspired about what could be instead of in dread about what is no longer. This is where creativity can be most useful in projecting a strong intention for a new form that will better align with your authentic self.


It is fascinating to observe the environment leading the way in this transformational time. As we change our patterns and behavior, the environment is reflecting back to us what we are doing right. As the earth can take a deeper breath, so can we. As the water can flow clearer, so can our own circulation better support us. As the air detoxifies, so can our lungs of the grief and toxicity of our karmic habits over the last centuries. As nature is able to flourish, so can our own creativity experience growing new forms. We have the time and space to appreciate the sun, the earth and all they give us with gratitude. It is that gratitude that will feed the environment that in turn will feed and support us with a higher vibration of energy.
This is a great time to clean your own personal environment to reflect the process of the greater environment. We can’t stress enough the importance of physically and energetically clearing and cleaning what you live with on a daily basis. Those items you were reluctant to let go of in the past may finally be ready to leave your personal space. Be disciplined about this. Anything that does not serve you now will probably not serve you in the future.


April 1-7: A good time to release, release, release. Release fear, release expectations, release old attachments, release judgment, release old clothes, release despair, release non-essential time wasters, release relationships that are complete, release work that does not make you happy, release old karma, release anger and blame, release old files and unfinished projects, release criticism, release old schedules, release limiting beliefs etc., etc., etc. You get the picture. This is also the best time for cleaning and clearing both physically and energetically. In releasing and clearing you are making space. That space is an essential landing pad for the new that is coming.

April 7: Full Moon in Libra is Tuesday April 7 at 8:34PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This Full Moon is a good time to really appreciate what you have. This includes physical environment, friendships, loved ones, resources available to you, the freedoms you experience, your talents, your creativity, your wisdom and all of your experiences that no one can ever take away from you.

The kidneys are to be supported during this time as well as circulation. Get some exercise and drink a lot of water. This is also a great time for communication and networking to keep the energetic circulation of community healthy. Inspire each other instead of feeding the drama and the fear. Be creative together as a way to support the emerging new forms. Spread love not panic. Support truth and authenticity. Be neutral instead of reactive.

April 8-15: Watch for depression and despair during this time as new inspired creative forms are not yet manifest in the physical. You can focus on what is falling apart or you can focus on the possibilities and potential that will take over the new space. This is a time for dreaming outside the box. What if? There is also good support for social interaction and sharing of ideas. Much innovation can come out of this time. If you are having trouble feeling creative, remember that creativity is a mindset. You can be creative doing almost anything. Use a creative attitude when making your morning coffee or fixing a meal or making your bed or taking a walk.

Moving the body is also a great help at this time as it moves energy and creativity requires a movement of energy to take hold. Hopefully you have a clean clear space now that you can begin to dream something new for yourself. Separate from others expectations, reactions and ideas about what those dreams should be. Keep your spaces consistently energetically clean through smudging or tobacco or even using a rattle. This is the discipline. (good examples in the “clearing of self, stuff and space” online course)

April 16-22:This is a time of preparation for more action and activity coming in the next few weeks. Be careful not to redream old realities but to keep disciplined about those intentions and practices that support what is new. If you still have clearing to do, do it now before the action kicks in.
Honor the feminine, honor and acknowledge beauty, and include art, music, laughter, humor, compassion, social interaction and support in your daily experience of life. Keep yourself positive and in a high vibration as much as possible. Begin to implement anything that is ready to be manifest but be patient with what is not yet clear or ready. Gather new support and partnerships. Think cooperatively and creatively about manifesting from your authentic self. This is a crucial time of gathering power from that inner source of deeper meaning and personal medicine. Be careful what you pray for.

April 22: New Moon in Taurus is Wednesday April 22 at 8:25PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) More on this powerful New Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above, at top)

April 23-30: Our world is definitely different now. We are definitely different now. We should have a new sense of courage, justice, commitment, conviction, determination and hope. We should have some good insights about what we do not wish to recreate. We should have a better inner sense of who we are and how we wish to serve.
There is a new sense of purpose, a new patterning, a new frequency and a new vibration. This will not yet be apparent in the physical but we feel in nonetheless. Honor this time by taking action in new ways and following your creative inspiration. This can lead to a new sense of power, still to be explored. The action may simply be to stand in your truth, to turn away from limited and negative belief systems, and to discipline yourself in your own healthy spiritual and physical practices. Evolution only goes in one direction and the birth canal is dark, constricted and hugely uncomfortable.

Happy creating!
Have a great month!


The Monthly support Mp3has many useful exercises and guided visualizations and can be listened to and worked with more than once and even once a day if desired. It offers useful processes to help you with understanding and making the most of the energies of the month (link here)

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