Full Moon Update 12-6-14

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Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Saturday, December 6 at 5:27 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time).

This is a great time for observation and choices regarding RESPONSIBILITY. Make an inventory of what needs attention. Set some good boundaries and make some new choices. Do something that takes advantage of an opportunity that has emerged out of some situation that looks at first glance like a challenging limitation. Where you focus now is significant as it takes advantage of some powerful influences and will energize your intentions in an expansive way.

This full moon is also a good time to reach out to others and be with your community. What is your responsibility to your community and what opportunities does your community provide for you? Spend some time in gratitude for your true community and the support you receive.



Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com


Sun in Sagittarius ~ Moon in Gemini 14º

Sat. December 6 at 5:27 AM Mountain Time

(December 6 12:27 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Major players on the A-team of change are once again called upon to hold space for major planetary alignment.   You are participating in the most significant astrological event of these opening decades of the 21st century.  Recently, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have moved again into a 90º/square relationship for their sixth of seven exact squares spanning from June 2012 to March 2015 representing a rarified time frame of integrating a new level of spiritual, social, political, and personal expression.  Most of the challenging, revolutionary and chaos-causing energy of Uranus in Aries coupled to Pluto’s transformation of all that lies beneath the surface of our most calcified structures is being played out on the social-political stages.  Many of you have been catalytic of cultural change by facing profound personal issues of health, relationship, career, or family dynamics.  The issues of the mid-60’s when Uranus/Pluto opened a new cycle as they met in Virgo – racism, sexism, militarism, environmental consequences and radical social change are again in strong focus, this time for the whole globe thanks to Uranian technology.  Our current times represent the first square (90º) or dynamic, stressful aspect of Uranus and Pluto since the cycle began in 1965 demanding that we revisit these issues and clarify our goals for going forward for the next 50-year period when Uranus will then oppose Pluto (180º).

Full Moon in Gemini maximizes the qualities of fire and air.  It’s an enthusiastic time of increased activity and connection.  We feel the urge toward expansion, looking at a bigger picture and finding our place in the mythic story of life with Jupiter in Leo ruling the Sun in Sagittarius.  When Gemini energy is at its fullest and the Moon peaks in this sign, our minds are titillated, and gathering information and making connections lights up all our circuit boards and that makes us feel alive!  Curiosity, learning and communication are the main sustenance for Gemini as well as experiences requiring logic, wit, quick thinking, or ingenuity.  Gemini with their slender, agile mercurial body type does not like to be tied down.  Two places at once is more like it.  Better to be exercising the mind – speaking, listening, writing, teaching, learning or traveling.  Gemini, The Twins, rules all parts paired in the upper body – the hands, arms, shoulders, lungs and also the nervous system.  So, as you might imagine, too much air energy can lead to anxiety, nervous energy, and just too much talking and thinking.  But apart from those manageable pitfalls, it’s a generally upbeat time.

Mercury, the neutral messenger planet, is conjunct the Sun, so expect all things Gemini to be heavily propelled by the Sun’s energy.  Uranus is in helpful, easy (trine) relationship to the Sun/Mercury duo, so honest, forthright communication is necessary and recommended, and connections cutting new ground may unfold especially with Jupiter in Leo completing a Grand Trine in fire signs.  Expect these early days of December to be optimistic and hold promising excitement.

We can’t overlook Chiron’s close square to the Sun/ Moon axis at Full Moon.  Tension generated by Chiron in Pisces may make it feel urgent to speak out about our withholds, and Sagittarius/Gemini may not be as sensitive or available as necessary to receive a vulnerable communication.  Do your best to let your heart break open and speak your truth and make space to receive the truth of others as neutrally as possible.  (Clearing the ‘air’ now before Solstice is good timing).  Chiron’s tight configuration to Full Moon asks you to hold your beloveds with compassion while releasing any notions of helping, fixing or healing another’s experience.  Collectively, Chiron in Pisces (2011-2018) is helping us realize how barren lives are without a connection to Spirit, how our suffering is related to our separation, and how available union is with all living beings.

Jupiter in Leo as ruler of the Sagittarius Sun is doing his best to sweeten Full Moon with an easy close trine to pleasure-loving, sensuous Venus in Sagittarius.  All urges indulgent, extravagant and fun loving will come from this duo.

As a heads up, we have three significant astrological events to heed this month after Full Moon:

-Dec. 14/15 Uranus square Pluto 12º (Aries/Capricorn).  A tense, event-precipitating time especially if you have planets being hit in your birth chart.  We are already in this window of activity as it isn’t a pinpoint time with slow-moving outer planets, but more an extended influence as the planets come into a slow exact alignment over a month’s time.

-Dec. 21 Solstice 0º Capricorn coupled with New Moon 0º two hours later and with Uranus turning direct (which always intensifies a planet’s power as it comes to a very slow apparent stop before reversing direction).  New Moon and Solstice together means powerfully beginning a major new cycle – a shift in the light of the Sun as well as sign and season shifts.  Edges hold creative and untethered energy. Don’t let this moment slip by without a focused ritual to let go of all you are ready to release and the naming of all you want to create in the next period.

-Dec. 23 Saturn shifts signs into Sagittarius for 2.5 years except for a brief time next summer when it retrogrades back into Scorpio in case there are any issues of power, death, or transformation that you forgot to address in the previous 2.5 year period.

12/14 Uranus squares Pluto 12º 11:41 PM MST

12/21 Uranus stations direct 12º 3:45 PM MST

12/21 Solstice 4:03 PM MST/Sun enters Capricorn

12/21 Capricorn New Moon 0º 6:35 PM MST

12/23 Saturn enters Sagittarius

01/04-05 Cancer Full Moon 14º 9:53 PM MST

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

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