New Moon Update 3-1-14

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Dear Friends,

The New Moon is Saturday, March 1 at 1:00AM Mountain Time, Midnight on Friday, February 28/March 1, Pacific Time. The time to celebrate it in the US would be on Friday night.

This New Moon is especially potent in providing an opportunity to ask the question, “where am I committed?” And if not why? It is never too late to weed out what does not serve you and commit to something that does. Take some time on this New Moon to revisit intentions and goals that you set back in December and at the beginning of this year and just take note of where you are with them. If some intentions were too ambitious, scale them down to something more practical without judgment. If they were not ambitious enough, refine them and dream bigger. If some have already been realized, be grateful. Notice where you are lacking in resolve and commitment. Perhaps it is with your practices or with taking action. If you feel unsupported, recommit to receiving support. It’s out there. You just have to ask. Set a new set of resolutions for yourself that will support your intentions. Be committed.


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Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

New Moon

Sun and Moon in Pisces ~ 10º

Saturday, March 1, 1:00 AM Mountain Time (+ 1 min.) (March 1, 8:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

As we are beckoned into the watery, nebulous world of Pisces, we are invited to give over to the infinite energy of the Divine Feminine. Pisces rules the vastness of the oceans, the humble feet as they touch the Earth, the deep compassion that can encompass all the suffering of the world, the world without boundaries of our dreams, and all experience of our conglomerate of past lives – our karma, if you will. Pisces represents the completion of the zodiac wheel, and what do we find at the end of the cycle? Our spirituality, unity, merging with something greater than our selves, surrender of our self importance, and compassion for each one we encounter as they engage the wheel of life and all its lessons and gifts. Now, as a group, we don’t go to this place easily, so Pisces has the help of the large, gaseous planet, Neptune. Neptune dissolves, confuses, and makes the energy feel nebulous, vague and unidentifiable. This loosens our strong tendencies to lead with our analytical, over amped linear minds and give over to the great mysteries of life – love, synchronicity, miracles, déjà vu, art, intuition, healing…(read more link here)

Resistance to the beckoning of Pisces’ influence that we feel so strongly at this New Moon with Sun Moon, Neptune, Chiron and Juno all in Pisces, will probably lead us into a cycle of brain fog, treating ourselves really badly and an increase of addictive behaviors that help us avoid surrender and giving over to Spirit that we find so painful. (really?) We just do not have enough practice or training to engage an elemental (like a tree, animal, rock, wind) and surrender up all our conflicts, anxieties, fears and ‘can’t handles’ and ask for some help. That’s just too hard for us over-fed, self important, top heavy humanoids. But Spirit in infinite love has provided us with this magnificent portal of Pisces energy to do just that – lighten our load and nourish our souls with the infinite love, wisdom and compassion that surrounds us always.

The New Moon is always the time to reset our intentions and begin anew; the energy is intensified and supported by having both the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. Boosting this energy into the collective level is greatly aided by having Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces. Neptune hasn’t been in its own sign for 165 years – about the time it was ‘discovered’ and brought into our awareness. Chiron is in Pisces, too (2011-2019) encouraging us to go ahead, dig even a layer deeper into unconscious patterns, showing us how we have gotten too comfortable with our well-known and obviously ancient patterns that keep us in separation from All That Is. Let those just be dissolved. Release!

As we flip from February 28 to March 1 with the New Moon right near that midnight hour, we are experiencing a LOT of planetary reshuffling and changes in direction:

Mercury goes direct Feb 28

Mars goes retrograde Mar 1

Saturn goes retrograde Mar 2

Jupiter goes direct March 6

That’s a noticeable amount of shifto/chango. When planets change direction (going retrograde or direct) their energy is intensified because they are essentially at a stand still. When you get so many, it can be disorienting or loosening of the usual constructs and realities we carry. So, be fluid, go with the flow, stay buoyant, invite in the mysterious.

The North and South Nodes quietly changed signs about the same time the Sun slipped into Pisces last Tuesday the 18th. Now our lessons and guidance for an extended period of time are from the Libra/Aries axis sometimes called the Partnering/Self-Identity axis. South Node is what we bring from the past, maybe skills, experiences or maybe old ways that need upgrading. In independent Aries, we might be reworking our competitive, self centered, impatient selves that were so great for survival and pioneering. Now the emphasis moves to learning from the North Node’s point of spiritual growth where we can stretch ourselves to become more of what we are capable of. In cooperative Libra, we increase balance and social accomplishment by partnering with others, mediating differences, sharing power and creating beauty and ease along the way. Mars very lengthy stay in Libra (eight months instead of the usual six weeks) also reflects this new emphasis as the God of War develops the energies of the Divine Masculine in Venus’ refined, native sign of Libra. In this temple, he will have to develop his social graces, be more diplomatic, and use his courage for negotiation. Mars will be closely joined with the North Node through next Full Moon and Equinox. All forms of relationship and partnership may unfold new growth for us. Libra also has a strong business focus as financial partnerships are ruled here. Many balanced forms of doing business and socially just strategies will prosper and see growth. Venus squaring the Nodes says ‘the intimate structures of business and relationship are up for scrutiny and refinement’. Perhaps you were fortunate this week to witness in the predawn sky Venus at her first conjunction with the Moon since becoming the morning star in January. A jewel of a blessing!

With Vesta, Keeper of the Sacred Flame, sitting exactly on the Libra North Node (our point of spiritual growth) a strong influence is felt to use our life force/kundalini to increase the level of energy we can hold with others – in any form of relationship. Or at least become more deeply aware of how we hold back and are blocked in our relating. Vesta is helpful in integration of these insights into our sexual expression, intimacy with our self and others, our devotional practices, and path of service.

Pisces, so sensitive and idealistic, will help us welcome in our intuitive awareness and our personal artistic and spiritual expression.

Blessings on Us All

03/01 Mars moves retrograde until May

03/02 Saturn moves retrograde until July

03/06 Jupiter moves direct

03/09 Daylight Savings Time begins

03/16 Full Moon in Virgo at 11:09 AM Mountain Daylight Time

03/20 Equinox/Sun enters Aries 10:57 PM MDT

03/30 Aries New Moon 12:44 PM Mountain D Time

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Lena Stevens

Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people's lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the "Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within" and a contributor to "The Power Path". Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism.