New Moon Update 5-30-22

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Dear Friends,

New Moon in Gemini is Monday, May 30 at 5:30AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Change is the key work for this New Moon. This is a transformative time, uncomfortable, challenging, dramatic, intense and strangely inspiring. It will take some discipline to lighten up, bring in some much needed fun, humor and community time. Include some self care and personal comfort in the plan.

We still cannot drop the ball on staying focused on positive intentions and doing what it takes to embrace necessary change by adjusting, resetting and staying seriously engaged in the process of transformation. You should always have the intention of being responsible around the next steps moving forward.

This is also a good time for a reality check on your life to see what is working, what isn’t, what is yours to deal with and what isn’t, and what can finally be released so you can move on. What can you reset? Think it though carefully, make a plan of action, and then do something that shows a commitment to the change. Spiritual discipline as well as appropriate action will be rewarded.


Lena and Jose are holding a Shamanism Without Borders “TUNE IN” for the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas in their labyrinth at 12 noon Mountain Daylight Time today, Friday, May 27. This 20 minute focused time will be for prayers and sending smoke (sage, tobacco or other), song, love, drumming, rattling and whatever else you are drawn to do during this time with the intention for releasing, clearing and balance.

Join Anna for a powerful New Moon Shamanic Healing to help with reset, change and intention. Monday, May 30 at 7PM MDT

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Lena Stevens

Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people's lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the "Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within" and a contributor to "The Power Path". Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism.