Danielle Napier – Phoenix, AZ

In person/remote sessions available by appointment.

Danielle is an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, Registered Nurse and hypnotherapist. She has completed the one year Shamanic Studies Program as well as the basic and advanced practitioner trainings. She has studied intensively with the Shipibo tribe of Peru and the Huichol tribe of Mexico.

Danielle’s healing practice focuses on awakening her clients innate ability to heal. Through shamanic and other techniques, Danielle provides a therapeutic space to assist in restoring balance in Mind, body and Spirit. Danielle specializes in working with individuals with chronic illness and psychological imbalance such as depression, anxiety disorders, and autoimmune dis-ease. Danielle works with children, adolescents and adults.

928-899-1995 or iamdaniellenapier@gmail.com