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  • Human Silhouette With Energy Radiating From Heart Chakra Eps 10 Vector Transparency and Gradient mesh Used

    Successful Wellbeing: How to Stay Healthy in times of Stress Webinar


    A six-week webinar with Jose and Anna covering the basics of how to stay healthy during challenging times

    Through lecture, visual images and guided practices you will receive a comprehensive understanding of the shamanic perspective on health and physical wellbeing and how you can be supported by it on a daily basis.

    COST: $245.00

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  • foundations of shamanism 1

    New – Power Path Foundations Of Shamanism Online Course


    With Jose & Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington

    Cost: $289.00

    A self-directed series of online coaching sessions recorded from our popular webinar of the same name with Jose & Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington.

    In this course we will cover the distinctions between walking the shamanic path and becoming an initiated shaman. We will review some of the main shamanic maps, discuss the value of allies and how to acquire them, and cover altars, ceremonies, pilgrimage places, and locations of power. We will also review the power of sound and vibration, sacred singing, and the shamanic understanding of illness and healing. Included will be the use of shamanic tools and the application of shamanism to modern day life. We will touch on superstition and sorcery, mixing shamanic traditions with other modalities, and using shamanic methods for planetary healing.

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