Personessence™ System For Understanding People

  • 7 Attitudes


    The purpose of this book is to help you become familiar with the seven attitudes in the human population and learn their specialties.Here in
    this book, I will focus only on the attitudes so that you can become adept at picking these out within the person

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  • Study Group Series Modes: Caution/Power

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    The mode determines the style or approach to an individual's goal in life. This recording delves into the modes of Caution and Power, their characteristics and their positive and negative poles.

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  • Spiritual and Cosmological Guide to the Personessence™ System


    This is the e-book that provides a spiritual and metaphysical overview to the entire Personessence™ System. Read this if you want to comprehend the system in its totality, the way it was originally meant to be understood.

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