Celtic Shamanism Workshop

A Welcome Into The Irish Celtic Tradition Of The Healing Shaman. A 2 Day Introduction Experience in Santa Fe, New Mexico.With John Cantwell and Dr Karen Ward from Ireland



A Welcome Into The Irish Celtic Tradition Of The Healing Shaman

A 2 Day Introduction Experience

Friday, June 28th (10AM – 4PM) & Saturday June 29th (10AM – 2PM)

“We are the Three that is One and the One is the Land. We are the spirit of the place, the essence of the earth and the water, the forests, the lakes, the cliffs and the bogs. We are the Land.” ~ A saying from Banba, Fodla and Ériu, the triple goddesses of Irish mythology

To enter Ireland’s ancient Celtic doors of shamanic wisdom and belonging, the first step is to see into the island’s name. Éireann is the Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) title of the island that translates as Ireland. Éireann derives from Ériu. Of the three sisters, she is the goddess of sovereignty and in Ireland’s mythology the island speaks of her own name directly from the landscape, to all who walk upon her precious body.

For two special days in June, the tradition and lineage of those who hear Ireland’s sacred voice is brought by two of the country’s renown shamanic teachers, husband and wife, Dr Karen Ward and John Cantwell. For over twenty years they have co-directed Slí An Chroí, (pronounced ‘Schlee On Khree’) translated as Pathway of the Heart, a traditional way of knowing Ireland’s ancestral shamanic heritage. Slí An Chroí is respected nationally and internationally as a training and healing school sharing directly from the island of Ériu, Ireland’s native Celtic soulfulness.

Sitting with Karen and John is to sit with a deep well of Ireland’s blessings of belonging, connection, healing, wisdom and empowerment. This is a very special gathering where John and Karen will offer accessible practices, ceremonies and rituals that experientially honour your calling to the Celtic way. They will work with ancient healing energies that await those who take the Immrama, Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) for ‘Wonder Voyages’ to the Otherworld bringing empowerment, healing of personal and ancestral wounds, wisdom, vision, and magic. If you have a connection to Mother Earth, Ireland and her mythology, ancestral mysticism or are merely curious, may the chambers of your heart that beat with a Celtic drum bring you to this special and unique event.

You will also receive a free online gift of back up training and a recorded ceremony at the powerful sacred site of the Dereenataggart Standing Stone circle, located close to their home in the Beara Peninsula, West Cork.

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