Nature Solo Retreat: Reflect, Reset, Rejuvinate

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This solo can be done as either a 3 night solo or a 5 night solo.

Our solo programs at Eagle Bear are some of our most popular events!

The very best way for a spiritual restart and life reset is to do a Wilderness Solo. Spending time in nature will not only rejuvenate you and reset your alignment with spirit, but it will also give you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with the spirit world.

Group time will be supported by a special preparation for your solo with teachings from Jose and Lena and suggested shamanic practices to do while you are out. You will be placed upon a specific site within our energetically protected Eagle Bear Ranch in Northern New Mexico where you will be supported by nature and the spirits of the land to reflect, reset and rejuvenate.

You will spend the first night in camp with the group and then be placed on your spot the next morning for either 3 or 5 nights.

3 night solo: Monday, September 3-5PM-Friday September 7 11AM. $375

5 night solo: Monday, September 3-5PM-Sunday September 9 11AM. $525 (we will need a minimum number of participants to extend the solo program to 5 days)

Tuition includes all meals while in camp with the group for preparation and debriefing after your time out.

Fees non-refundable after August 20, 2018

Here is what recent  participants are saying about our solo programs:

“I was skeptical and a bit scared, but also more than a little curious what all the fuss was. After two brutal days wrestling with my head, I found and touched a peaceful anchor in myself that I never knew about — and it has deepened my spiritual practice and made me calmer and more patient in my day to day life.” Scott- Austin TX

“Being silent pulled out emotions I had put away, and I was able to befriend them as a process of self-healing. My imagination became more alive in silence which guided my curiosity for what was happening in my mind, body, and surroundings.  Jose, Lena and Anna are loving guides on this beautiful retreat and I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for self awareness and peace on this journey called life.” Pauline-Bantam, CT

“Nature took me back to some of the fundamental roots of my humanness and helped me to heal some pervasive patterns. I thought that I would be struggling with boredom, but that never happened. every moment had some sort of magic to it and I was able to fully take advantage of the opportunities for learning, growth and healing. I came back feeling radiant and blessed.” Vlaiko-Chicago IL

“The folks at the Power Path create a container for a safe, adventurous and transformative solo experience. At Eagle Bear I truly experience being nurtured, supported and loved by the land. I have come away from both of my solos feeling feeling restored, empowered and inspired!”Marion-Asheville, NC

Please call 505-982-8732 to register

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