Reconnective Therapy

Reconnective Therapy (RCT) is an energetic healing modality which facilitates the alignment of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies to their optimal blueprint of well-being.

RCT can be performed by light touch or through remote communication. The intention behind RCT is that the body has all the information it needs to correct itself to optimum health when reminded. Energy blocks develop in the body following trauma, injury, addictions etc. in ways that cut off balanced communication with the body as a whole. RCT can heal the emotional, physical, and energetic impacts that stay in the body by raising the energy through frequency work.

For example, if one receives a strong blow to the body in an accident, this information will be stored in the connective tissue, like an imprint. If the physical impact is combined with emotional and mental trauma, the imprint is not only stored in the connective tissue, but can also can be imprinted in the DNA.

Through specific frequencies, set up by the practitioner, acting much like a tuning fork, the treatment reminds the body of what it needs to bring itself back into harmony and good health. Not all RCT treatments are about healing the body; sometimes a person is simply ready for a higher level of functioning.

RCT is not only limited to healing humans and animals but it can also facilitate raising the energy/frequency/vibration of your business, your home or the land you live on.

During a treatment it is best to remove all metal and to lie or sit comfortably with your arms and legs uncrossed. The treatment itself takes just a few minutes. Some people feel immediate results and for others the shift may take a few days to integrate the new information.

*Treatments: 1/ $40 or 3/ $105 (to be used within 90 days).

*For more information call or text 707-338-8033 or email

Gabrielle Lakatos is a Reconnective Therapy Practitioner with over 20 years experience working with this healing modality. Her healing practice began in 1997 after graduating from the California School of Massage and Spa Services and later continuing her studies in Medical Aromatherapy at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy.