Shamanic Q & A – March 15, 2011

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Do we need to be concerned about the radiation leaks from Japan’s nuclear reactors?


Strangely enough a slight elevation of radiation over time is actually beneficial or helpful to many peoples’ health but a burst of elevated radiation is not. Yes, there is cause for concern if there are continued releases of radiation from these damaged plants. Of course the greatest danger is to the Japanese people immediately in harms way. There can be plumes of radiation that flow across the Pacific but they will dissipate with distance.

There are substances that can be consumed to lesson the impact of this on the body. The most important one is food grade iodine, a few drops a day in any liquid can protect the body from increased radiation. Kelp and seaweed has elevated levels of iodine. Here are some others that some of you have informed me about: Mushrooms in general but in particular Oyster mushrooms; Jerusalem artichokes; miso and similar fermented foods grab the radiation and help the body eliminate it.

The damage to these reactors will get people to rethink using such hazardous materials for energy use. There are other sources of energy that are waiting for discovery at this time. Eventually all nuclear reactors will be eliminated as these discoveries are made. They are not harmonious with nature.


What is going on with Charlie Sheen?


This mid level mature sage is not handling the current energy change on the planet very well. He has aggression mode and you can readily see how it has gone bad for him given his chief obstacle of self-destruction, his tendency to be bi polar, and the current aggression mode for this year. Here is an example of a deeply disturbed individual who is in great need of help and a media culture that wants to make his misfortunes into some kind of mass entertainment. His wealth is a problem for him in that it gives him a false sense of grandiosity and prevents him from getting the kind of help he needs. If he does not receive major help in the near future he has a good chance of self destructing on drugs or harming someone to the degree that he will face incarceration.

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