About Remote Shamanic Healing

Remote shamanic healing is a very effective mode of working and fundamentally is quite similar to in person shamanic healing work, the primary difference being that the practitioner and individual are not in the same location. Remote shamanic healing takes place over the phone, Zoom, Skype or just at an agreed upon set time. Working remotely is a wonderful option for those in a distant location or unable to come in person for any reason. It can also be a wonderful option for very young children for whom it may be inappropriate or impossible to do in person. Remote healing must be done with the person’s permission at a specific time they can tune in unless they are too young, incapacitated, and unable to give their consent or be aware of their surroundings. 

The Power Path offers regular New Moon/ Full Moon group remote shamanic healings. The group remote healings are a wonderful way to get regular energetic cleanups, balancing and support. They include the help of plant and animal allies, healing songs, and prayers. 

You can sign up for the group remote healing (here) or call our office to schedule a private remote healing session.

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