Navigating March 2023 Monthly Support Audio


This is a helpful companion audio to the monthly forecast and includes discussion, suggestions, shamanic exercises, and icaros with Anna and Lena.

"I have been using the MP3 audios in support of the Monthly Forecast since March.  I find these to be absolutely essential to making the most of the information provided in the forecast.

I am sure there are many ways to use the material, but I have found it most effective as an adjunct to my morning meditation and prayer.  Each day I listen to a relevant Icaro or visualization that seems most appropriate to the day (sometimes everything, but I often have limited time.)

Connecting with this material early in the day supports me in staying connected with the energies and maintaining alignment with them.  I have found that this practice has led to real, observable, and sustained change, creating a new platform from which to experience life.

I am so grateful to have this support each month."


"I find that whenever I am getting lost in my mind and the stresses of life, I can turn to the recording and receive a powerful mini healing session that re-aligns my mind with my heart. This is truly an amazing offering that I have been utilizing since Anna and Lena began; I look forward to them every month!"


Note that our Monthly Support audios are available to listen on our site for a minimum of three months following their publication. Make sure you download the file using the link in the Resources section of your Account Dashboard if you would like to maintain access to the content following this period.


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