Transforming Your Dragons

 José Stevens, Ph.D.

How to Turn Fear Patterns into Personal Power

Treat yourself to the best homework assignment of your life! Take the Dragon Personality Test to identify which of the seven dragons—arrogance, self-deprecation, impatience, martyrdom, self-destruction, greed and stubbornness—are your primary (and secondary) dragons. Then learn how to deal with and conquer them at last.

You will:

  • Have all your energy available to you to make choices
  • Be a magnet and a role model for people around you
  • No longer attract those people who are compulsively drawn to your weaknesses
  • Be a genuinely attractive human being, not attractive because of your dramas
  • Find compassion for others still in the grip of their own dragons
  • Have the power that comes from being truly at peace

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