Power Path Intuitive Skills Training Series


We are happy to announce our long-awaited

Intuitive Skills Training Series!

6 one hour sessions April 11 - June 20 2023. $279

Especially useful to empaths and intuitives, this 6-part series is for everyone and anyone seeking more training and understanding about how to manage, open, protect and use their own energy field to live a more balanced, productive and satisfying life.

  • Are you plagued by fears of other energies influencing or interfering with your life?
  • Are you an empath that is prone to confusion about what is yours and what isn’t?
  • Do you feel closed down and wish to open and trust your intuition?
  • Do you wish to have clearer communication with your spirit guides?

This is a comprehensive 6-part course complete with processes and tools to help you better understand how energy works and how to use it more productively. Live webinars will be supported by suggested practices in between sessions as well as two zoom calls to answer questions.

Covered in the six-session training are the following topics:

  • Understanding energy, how it moves, stagnates, communicates, and how to be in control of your own and understand it in others.
  • Boundaries, protection, grounding, discernment, managing fear, understanding the instinctive center, building filters and being in the driver’s seat.
  • Working with your guides, developing effective relationships, trust and clear communication. Differentiating between the different sources of help.
  • Working with portals, understanding the levels of the astral plane and how to work effectively with different vibrations of energy and what is connected to them.
  • Intuition, empathy, matching pictures, filters, balance and etiquette. Being in control of any psychic process or situation.
  • Maintaining personal power while being in service to others. Personal leadership. Implementation of intuitive skills in your own life.


Taught by Jose, Lena and Anna, this course pulls together many important pieces of training, study and practice we have experienced and learned over the years. Many of these tools have helped us to build powerful personal foundations that have supported us in our daily lives, work, relationships, health, personal power and clarity, and we are looking forward to sharing them with you in this training.

Six Tuesdays from 10-11AM Mountain Daylight Time beginning April 11, 2023

April 11, April 25, May 9, May 23, June 6 and June 20.  In addition to the individual class sessions, you will receive supportive materials and suggestions for practice between classes as well as two question and answer sessions via zoom for further clarity. They are scheduled for Tuesday May 16th at 6PM MDT and Tuesday June 27th at 6PM MDT.


Although these are live webinars that will include a combination of live teaching and power point images, the series will be recorded and anyone registered will receive the links so you can listen at your convenience.


We are further supporting participation in the series by offering a 50% discount on the online course The Power of The Seven Chakras, a valuable add on to the information in the course.


How to Register/View a Session


1. Log in to your account
2. Select Courses/My Courses from the menu
3. You will see a list of all of your currently active courses. They are in alphabetical order. Find the Intuitive Skills Training Session that you are looking for and click the title (highlighted below) to view it:

4. On the course page, click on the Intuitive Skills Training Session #1 - Webinar Link (highlighted below) to view the Lesson:

5. Finally, select the webinar link (highlighted below) and you will be taken to the GoToWebinar platform where you can register for the session:

Please be sure to register at least 2 hours prior to the event.

When the webinar begins, following the same steps above and use the same link to access the video. This will be the link you will use to access the recording following the event.