The Power Path to Prosperity Online Course


A self-directed series of online Sessions recorded from our popular webinar previously titled “Living Abundantly” with Jose & Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington.

In this course, we comprehensively cover the principles of prosperity, the most effective processes to manifest what you need for greatest satisfaction, fulfillment, and completion. Knowing the law of attraction is helpful but not enough to clear the way to success. Here you will learn the most common obstacles to manifesting and several powerful, effective processes to erase them. You will learn the power of support, how to enlist the medicines all around you for maximum results, and how to effectively prepare the space for what you want to flow in. Also, you will learn how to gauge where you are on the seven steps to prosperity and how to move forward without slipping back to the status quo. This course is both experiential and informative.

Purchasing this course gives you 6 months of exclusive access to the course material. Please make sure to complete it in within that time, or you will be required to renew it to continue.


If you would like to renew the course following the 6 month period, please contact the webmaster via email at and they will process your request.

The course consists of 6, approximately 60 minutes, video presentations recorded from our live webinar in the Spring of 2016. Each session includes teachings and guided visualizations followed by supportive practices.

This course is most effective and designed to be completed in a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 6 months. For good pacing, we suggest doing one Session per 1-3 weeks.

Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email with details about the program.

We are happy to share this exciting and inspiring course with you and many of the practical techniques that have worked for us over the years!

The program will include:

  1. Six approximately 60-minute video presentations recorded from our live webinar in the spring of 2016.
  2. Consisting of lectures, processes and meditations
  3. Self-directed lessons and practices


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