The Power of Qi Gong Wrap Up


Join José for the eighth Qi Gong webinar focused on transformation, presence, balance, alignment, and vitality. We will include Toltec practices again as well. Monday, February 13,  2023 at 10AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This one-hour (may go a bit longer) webinar will be recorded. A link to the recording will be available for all registered participants for 30 days. This is for those who cannot attend live and to encourage repeated practice. $29.95

The Power of Qi Gong Series

This will be the eighth and final in a series of Qi Gong webinars offered by José and in this one he will review the finger pressure points to refresh the whole brain and the finger point to refresh the heart. Next we will learn an ancient graceful Qi Gong form called the Swimming Dragon. Then we will switch over to some Toltec movements involving the humming bird, pica flor, flying right and flying left using eye movements to see strengths and weaknesses, Finally, we will discuss Washti and Wakan and the Tonal and the Nagual and learn a technique for bringing them together. If there is time we will cover a shamanic posture called the Bear for healing and balance.

The series is designed to introduce you to a number of movements that you can put together for your own practice. Each session stands alone so you do not have to take the whole series to gain benefit. In each session Jose will review at least one practice from the last session.

Qi Gong is an ancient series of stances and movements from China that is a precursor to martial arts and is a part of ancient Chinese healing practices, in some ways similar to Tai Chi. It is based on observing the movements and breathing rhythms of healthy wild animals and replicating them in the human body. The truth is that people all over the world in indigenous cultures practice their own specialized movements for health and well-being. These shamanic practices are aimed at gathering, storing, and accessing power whenever needed. Both the name and movement of Qi Gong have become well known throughout the world. The origins of it go back to the semi-mythical master of healing, the Yellow Emperor, who is thought to have lived in 2600 BCE.

These movements are not difficult and they can revolutionize your health, mobility, and vitality levels. Most people who have been exposed to Qi Gong experience it as a major contribution to their sense of well-being. You will be able to watch this webinar as many times as you wish for thirty days so that you can master the movements along with their contemplations. I hope you will join me in one of my favorite activities. ~ José


Live Power Path events, such as remote shamanic healings and webinars, are non-refundable.