June 2017 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for June is REALITY CHECK!

It is a month of paying attention to the signs, of acceptance of what is and what is showing up, of choosing your own reality vs the reality of others, and of allowing your intentions to align with right timing. Emotional clarity confirms your right reality and synchronicity and ease of action confirms you are on the right track.

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New Moon Update 5-25-17

New Moon is Thursday, May 25, at 1:44 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

You can experience this new moon either from a place of despair and suffering over loss, confusion or chaos in your life, or you can be in deep gratitude for the experiences that you have had and the lessons learned. The impermanence of life should be honored and the nostalgia of times past celebrated.

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A New José Stevens Article

The Advantages Of Bidding For Power In Unsettled Times

Here I am going to review a few items from my book “The Power Path” regarding bidding for power. This is a good way to begin our discussion. 1.    Everything in the known physical universe is bidding for power on a regular basis: Trees, mammals, fish, insects, microbes, humans and…

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Full Moon Update 5-10-17

Full Moon is Wednesday, May 10, at 3:42PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This full moon can either bring out stress levels or celebration. Let’s go for celebration. It would be better to have a some fun than to allow yourself to get bogged down with responsibility, pressure and chaos. Work with chaos creatively and be a little eccentric. Its a good time to try and do something new and out of the ordinary. Surprise yourself and go for it!

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May 2017 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for May is INSTABILITY!

It is a chaotic month requiring flexibility, adaptability, thinking outside the box, patience and resetting our priorities.

We all yearn for stability and perhaps even reminisce about old times when things were a lot simpler. But this is where we are now and there is no going back. It is not going to get any “easier” but we will get used to it and adapt to this new vibration that is part of our evolution.

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New Moon Update 4-26-17

New Moon is Wednesday, April 26 at 6:16 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

A New Moon is always a good time to reset intentions and do an inventory of where you have been and where you wish to go. This is especially true on this new moon as you may have been through a lot of change, chaos, choices and letting go.

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A New José Stevens Article

Brutish Change: The Silver Lining

We have been discussing the theme of massive change and this article continues to uncover the opportunities available, even if they seem to come through the back door or in very unusual ways. These are times when people are faced with the whole concept of fake news, not knowing what…

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Land for Sale

  Land for Sale Over the years, we have had the privilege to become land stewards for three special parcels of land. Eagle Bear Ranch, where the Power Path does their seasonal retreats, is bordered on the North by 700 acres known as Inti Palka Ranch, and bordered on the South…

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Full Moon Update 4-11-17

Full Moon is Tuesday, April 11, at 12:08 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Since it is just after midnight MDT, the 10th, Monday is a good day to begin honoring and celebrating this moon. The anchor of this time needs to be time out in nature, honoring both the higher emotional center with its beauty and inspiration, and the instinctive center with its link to vitality and raw energy.

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New Moon Update 3-27-17

New Moon is Monday, March 27 at 8:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Watch for misguided aggression and fiery overreactions. Be the neutral observer instead of getting into the fray. This is a good day to put some boundaries around your newly birthed self and spend some time by yourself and way from reactivity and judgment.

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