October 2018 Monthly Forecast

The Main Theme for October 2018 is “Taking Inventory”

As you continue to dig even deeper, dredging up ancestral patterns and imbalances in your relationships, you get to take an inventory of your life in a way you have never done before. This inventory is very much about your relationship to everything you have and how you relate to it. It is a month of discovery of who you are, what you have manifested and how you have lived.

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October Sale! – 50% off Foundations of Shamanism Online Course

If you are a beginning student of shamanism or a practitioner seeking greater understanding and to deepen your knowledge of the shamanic path, this course has it all. It is designed to provide a container not only for information, but practices that can set you on a shamanic path or support and deepen any existing practice.

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Equinox/Full Moon Update 9-22-18 & 9-24-18

The Equinox is Saturday, September 22 at 7:55 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Full Moon is on Monday September 24 at 8:52 PM MDT

This equinox is designed to support and honor inspired change and new intentions.

This full moon further supports the energy of the Equinox for release, restructuring and recalibration.

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A New José Stevens Article

Dealing with Loss in a Time of Adapting and Restructuring

Loss is one of the most painful experiences that human beings go through on their long journey to awakening. The most painful thing about loss is how real it appears even though we live in a world of delusion and illusion. Loss is everywhere we look because we live in…

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Moon Update 9-9-18

New Moon is Sunday, September 9 at 12:01 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This moon is a good one for choices to release what does not intuitively feel good to you in your life. It may make mental sense to continue holding on, but listen to your heart on this one. There is some good energy as well for integrating all the new opportunities, wisdom and information that may have come into your field in the past few weeks. 

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September 2018 Monthly Forecast

The Main Theme for September 2018 is “Restructure-Recalibrate”

We are busy pulling out the last pieces of old wounds and patterns, the last threads that are keeping things put together in an old and outdated way. We are leaving the old comfort level of known territory and moving into the unknown. We know this is what we need to do despite the discomfort it is causing to the mind and physical body. This final dissolving is leaving us fragmented and somewhat ungrounded, perhaps anxious and fearful, and certainly a bit chaotic in our thoughts and focus. We may even feel like there is something wrong with us that we are not functioning like we are used to.

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Power Path One Year Shamanic Studies Program 2019/20

With Jose, Lena and Anna Stevens The purpose of this program is to learn about the shamanic path, from ancient to modern, how it interfaces with modern quantum physics, and, through powerful practices, ceremonies, wilderness solos and other shamanic experiences, to assimilate its wisdom and integrate it fully into daily…

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August 2018 Monthly Forecast

The Main Theme for August 2018 is “Creative Pragmatism”

August is a complex month supporting you to think outside the box. We have an opportunity for new creative insights, help from unexpected sources, and a new determination to step forward and show up with choices that are mature and practical.

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July 2018 Monthly Forecast

The Main Theme for July 2018 is “Mature Responsibility in Unpredictable Times”

It is time. It is time to take a hard look at where we give our power away, blame others, procrastinate what we know needs to be done, avoid responsibility and hope it will all just go away or that someone will do it for us. It is time to take responsibility for our health and well-being, emotional maturity and what we create. It is time to start believing in our own power to change what we can and to adapt to what we can’t.

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