Welcome to Power Path Seminars™ & School of Shamanism

Throughout history shamans have possessed the powers to journey deep within themselves to tap the universal source of information and wisdom. Bypassing the stumbling blocks of the outer, material world, they perfected techniques of communication with the innermost world of the spirit in order to find answers to pressing questions, foretell the future, and achieve profound understanding.

School of Shamanism and Training Seminars

The Power Path School of Shamanism, founded by Jose & Lena Stevens, authors of “Secrets of Shamanism” & “The Power Path”, offers an extensive experiential curriculum based on many years of study with indigenous Shamans around the world. If you are interested in joining us for shamanism training please click here.

Personal and Business Consulting

We also offer personal and corporate help both to groups and one on one, and can help you discover your greatest personal or business power, and path to growth and fulfillment using a unique and ancient blend of shamanism and indigenous practices, the PersonEssence System, and some traditional astrology. If you wish to check out our various corporate and personal consulting services please click here.

Monthly Forecasts & Moon Updates

The Power Path offers a Monthly Forecast and Moon Updates to help you navigate the energetic ups and downs in each month. These popular Forecasts uses our own unique blend of ancient systems including shamanism, and some astrology to give you a practical addition to, or alternative to your monthly horoscope. We also offer monthly MP3 compliments to each forecast that include deeper discussion, as well as icaros (shamanic chants), and shamanic exercises specific to each month.

Special Events

Finally, we offer seasonal or yearly events that include retreats, workshops, sound healing sessions, Trends Talks and more. Click here if you are interested in seeing our list of upcoming events.