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José Luis Stevens Ph.D. is the president and co-founder of The Power Path Inc., an international consulting firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Praise The Lord

New Article by José Stevens – Revenge, Sacrifice, and Forgiveness

One of the most deep rooted and ancient tendencies human beings indulge in is the urge to take revenge against those that have caused them pain. This urge has a huge range and includes everything from an automatic reaction to hit back and a conscious premeditated plan of vengeful action. If you look closely at your life you will find incidents when you felt this urge and most likely took action, perhaps when you were a child or even more recently where it snuck up on you. Even older souls will find that the urge to take revenge sneaks up on them such as badmouthing someone who has been hurtful to them.

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Freedom, Initiation, and Selflessness

You already know all this. Sometimes you might forget. Here is a reminder. The best part is at the end.

Among nations of the world, more than most, Americans are obsessed with freedom. “I got rights.” “This is a free country.” “Nobody’s going to tell me what I can do or what I can’t do.” “This is my land and I can do with it what I want” etc. Now, freedom is a beautiful and wonderful thing and it is what we all want as human beings. Ultimately it is the optimal state of affairs and most of us would rather live with more freedoms than less. However freedom as it turns out is a very complex issue that the United States Supreme Court is constantly pressed to sort out for the country. The big complication is numbers of people. If you are the only one living for a hundred miles around then obviously you can do pretty much what you want but when you live in a city of millions of people freedom becomes a matter of consensus.

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feet walking on Soil

Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension: Three Simple Steps

At first glance this may seem like an intense topic, even religious in nature, but don’t be fooled by appearances. All is not as it seems. There may be something here for everyone of every religion or no religion at all. Like many of my articles this one is designed to raise questions about deeply held beliefs and also to tear down the retaining walls in the mind. A fresh look at something never hurts and in some cases can reveal much greater truths underneath.

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Predator or Prey? The Shamanic Understanding of Eating and Digesting Experiences.

For the average person, shamanism has always had some pretty weird notions, even wild and crazy sounding, but upon further investigation these notions usually end up being validated by science. One of the shaman’s more interesting notions is that everything in the universe eats and consumes, and that everything is predator and prey, even aspects of the cosmos that we normally don’t believe are capable of acting this way. Now this perspective may sound somewhat alarming to you or even distasteful but you will see that it is actually a useful metaphor for understanding how to avoid being consumed. Keep in mind however, that shamans are quite serious about their viewpoint that this universe is like a jungle where everything is eating everything else.

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An Extraordinary Journey Through Asia Minor and Time.

Several weeks ago I sent out an e-mail from Cappadocia, Turkey announcing Angeles Arrien’s sudden and unexpected death from complications of walking pneumonia. Your responses were overwhelming and I am deeply appreciative of all the thoughtful e-mails and messages that we received in the days following. I mentioned that her death came in the window between two eclipses and at a time around the fifth conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, a huge configuration including Mars and Jupiter to boot. We have spoken of this at length in recent forecasts, articles, and recordings. Certainly Angeles’ death for me was totally unexpected (Uranus), powerful (Pluto), big (Jupiter), and highly impactful and forceful (Mars). I mentioned in the e-mail we sent out that something had occurred that mitigated my sadness at her passing but at the time I just couldn’t formulate the words to discuss it. First let me explain the context of our surroundings at the time.

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Stupidity-How Stupidity Can Help Us Wake Up!

What you are about to read may strike you as cynical or negative in some way. It is not meant to be so. In fact, it is a necessary discussion to have if you are at all interested in awakening, discovering your Inner Shaman, breaking free. So, please put up with what you might consider to be insults to the human race for a few minutes, they are necessary. They apply to each of us, no matter how enlightened or clear-headed we think we are. This applies to me, to you, to all of us who have lived in a human body, are here now, or will be here in the future. Here goes!

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Commitment and Preparation for What is Coming

This article was sparked by a conversation I recently had with Pat Liles, our Powerpath astrologer, about the coming times and possibilities.

This article is about two things that at first may seem quite different but are actually related, commitment and preparation. Let us begin with commitment. When most people hear the word commitment they groan and think, “Oh damn, this sounds like I have to give up my freedom; I have to let go of fun and become ultra serious for the sake of someone else, blah, blah, blah. So let us revisit the word and see what kind of baggage has been attached to it and see if we can liberate it some.

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Love and The Future

Although millions of words have been written about love over the ages, about the experience of love, about romantic love, about the love of God and so on, love remains an illusive topic. No words will ever capture it, explain it, communicate its actual impact, influence, and experience. It is in a word impossible. Science tries to analyze the biological sensations and phenomena of love but graphs, electrodes, and mathematical models tell us little about the actual experience. Nevertheless this article is another attempt to focus on it, even if briefly. Love is so important, so critical to human survival that without it, we are lost.

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Wants, Needs, Intentions & Rules

“I want my business to be successful. I need my business to be successful. My business is going to be successful yet nothing I try ever works.” As you can see there is a fly in the ointment, an inconsistency in this group of statements. The rule at the end does not fit the want, the need, and the intention. As you can sense, rules are vital with regard to how we manifest our lives yet they are very poorly understood, often ignored, or overlooked. This is a discussion about rules because they run the show in life and if you don’t understand the way they work, you are at the mercy of everything.

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How to Heal the Relationship Between the Masculine and Feminine

One of the great themes of our changing times and particularly a theme for 2014 is the healing of the relationship between the masculine and the feminine. This may seem like a heavy topic for this time of year but the sooner we understand how to do this the quicker we can get started on the process. The window in time is now, so we ought not to waste any time delaying. The holidays can actually serve as a springboard to get started. Bear in mind that this article is only scratching the surface of a truly huge topic.

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