Nature Solo Retreat

Recognizing the importance of solo time in nature, The Power Path offers a solo retreat once or twice every year. We began offering this opportunity when we acquired our land in Northern New Mexico in 1994 and have done so ever since. Following the ancient shamanic tradition of spending ongoing alone time in nature and the tradition of the mystics to fast and isolate themselves in nature for meditation and prayer, we make this experience available for a wide variety of people. 

Most solos are for three days and three nights, however, solos for only twenty-four hours and up to seven days are sometimes offered. Arrangements can be made for children and teenagers to spend more limited times on solos. Children under fourteen need the support of at least one parent in camp. Arrangements can also be made for private personal or corporate groups to go out on solo as part of a larger training.

Since the land has varied terrain, we are able to offer differing environments to participants, including forested sites, huge rocks and cliffs, or meadows, some with grand views and some with more limited views through the trees. We have solo sites that range from a long steep hike to a drop-off site that requires no walking, and everything in between. We place participants on a site that will support their ability and their tent size, as well as their preference for a specific landscape. Participants stay on that site for the duration of their solo. 

Deep prayer, mediation, Qi Gong, yoga, singing, shamanic practices, and contemplation are encouraged. Screens, books, musical instruments, and other distractions are discouraged to provide the best concentration. Some participants choose to fast, or do the “Master Cleanse” (lemons, maple syrup, cayenne), while others bring simple, no-cook food (no fires or stoves are allowed while on solo). 

We supply plenty of clean, fresh water and to make the experience safe, more secure and supportive we have a daily check in system with yarn strings that allows us to track the well-being of each participant. The solo is also supported energetically by on-site Power Path Practitioners doing prayers, checking in with participants energetically as well as making sure that plenty of water and safety are provided. 

The first night is in our ranch camp and dinner is provided. Then we have an orientation and preparation for the solo. After (provided) breakfast the following day, participants go to their designated sites for their solo. On the morning of the fourth day participants come back to camp and, after a meal (provided) and a debrief, the program ends by 1PM.

All participants need a small tent, pad, light sleeping bag, rain gear and good shoes. A detailed list of what to bring as well as directions to our ranch are provided upon signing up. 

Our ranch land is a 1,000 acre nature retreat with glorified camping facilities: a 30 foot yurt for group meetings, an outdoor kitchen and dining area for group meals, outhouses, shower house with on demand hot water, and several vintage trailers for rent on a first come basis. The meals we serve are simple but delicious, with vegetarian/ gluten-free/ dairy free options at every meal.

Nature Solo Retreat


This retreat is now full for this year.

The retreat is approximately 2 hours from Santa Fe, 3 hours from Albuquerque, 5-6 hours from the Denver area, and 1 1/2 hours from Taos, NM.

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