Shamanic Support

Here you can find a range of Power Path offerings designed to support you including regular remote healing, monthly supportive audio, private sessions for intuitive guidance, healing, house clearing and more. We also offer a directory of Power Path trained practitioners.

Private Shamanic Sessions

Stay up-to-date with the Power Path’s upcoming events, featuring a diverse range of live webinars, in-person retreats, and annual gatherings. The calendar is filled with exciting opportunities to engage with renowned teachers and practitioners, explore shamanic practices, and deepen your connection to wisdom traditions. From the convenience of online webinars to immersive experiences in retreat settings, the Power Path’s upcoming events provide a rich tapestry of learning and transformation for participants of all backgrounds.

Remote Healing

Experience the Power Path’s remote healing webinars led by renowned practitioners Jose, Lena, or Anna. These special sessions offer individuals the opportunity to participate in a half-hour remote healing session facilitated by these skilled healers. During these transformative webinars, participants can benefit from the inclusion of Icaro (healing songs) and prayer, creating a sacred and powerful space for receiving energetic support and experiencing deep healing.

Shamanic Practitioners

Shamanic practitioners listed in our directory have completed a one or two year studies program with the Power Path as well as our basic practitioners trainings.

Practitioners noted as advanced practitioners have completed an advanced training requiring a deeper commitment of further prerequisites both with the Shipibo in Peru and the Huichol in Mexico.

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