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Icaro is the Shipibo/ Conibo word for a healing song. Healing songs are found in every indigenous tradition around the world and are an important and powerful part of shamanic practice. The shamanic perception is that sounds, vibrations, and different octaves can have a significant healing influence on someone, helping to lift their spirits, calm them of anxieties, or directly change the pattern of illness that has taken hold. 

Sacred healing songs have been part of the shamanic practitioner’s toolbox for tens of thousands of years. Associated with plants, animals, and various allies they can be directed specifically at a malady or illness or can be sung for general healing and ceremonial purposes. Songs, whistling, and other sounds are often used in conjunction with prayers, directives, healing touch, guided imagery, and many other techniques. Research shows that songs have been known to shrink tumors, lower fevers, clear neurological problems, reduce inflammation and swelling, help to staunch the flow of blood, open the respiration, and so on. And now modern western science is corroborating what shamanic traditions have known for millennia about the connection between vibration and nature of the physical universe. 

The Shipibo belief is that everything in nature: plants, animals and people etc. have their song and that health and balance can come into being when the songs are sung. The song and vibration of any given thing is more powerful than the physical representation of it. The song comes from the spirit world and holds all the power, medicine and essence of that plant, animal or person. Therefore, song is considered one of the most powerful ways of administering medicine in shamanic healing. 

Healing songs are an integral part of The Power Path’s practice are central to our regular remote healings as well as our monthly support audio products.

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