About House And Land Clearing

There are two aspects to house clearing and even open lots or clear land. The first has to do with the history of what has taken place in the house, lot, or land. Over the course of many years or even decades, houses can absorb the signatures of the people who lived there, as well as recorded traumas and tragic events that have taken place in specific areas. These events then often impact new tenants in negative ways, causing nightmares, discomfort, depression, anxieties and so on. These can be relatively easily cleared using classic shamanic techniques, bringing in allies and helpers to clean them up. Prayers, songs, rattles, and drums may be used to root out and heal rooms, attics, basements, and areas that have been the scenes of abuse, murder, anger, or terror. In older houses, there may have been numerous deaths, fights, misery, mental illness, grief, envy, shame, jealousy and other disruptive emotions that are relatively easy to clear out once one knows how. Sacred songs of clearing, whistles, and humming can be employed to leave the space clear, clean, and fresh. Special attention may be given to plumbing, electrical grids, sheds, and garages.

A second aspect to house and land clearing may have to do with underground water courses and energy currents in the land that may be having a disruptive influence on the house or environment. In these cases, land can be sung to, prayed over, and suggestions can be made regarding landscaping that can have a positive effect on the land. Offerings can be made to the older trees, brooks, or contours of the lot to help bring back a more balanced and positive environment. 

These types of house and land clearing begin with an initial assessment of what must be done and then some specific interventions to heal, refresh, and restore them. Depending on size and extent of the estate they may take from a couple hours to half a day or even more. 

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