Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to questions about our customer accounts, how to purchase and access your products and how to join our webinars.

Customer Accounts

  1. Do I need a customer account to purchase from The Power Path

    Yes. To buy our online products, you need to create a customer account. Once your account has been created, you can process your order and payment, view your order history and access or download all your digital products.

  2. Can I still sign in with a guest account?

    No, unfortunately, Guest accounts are not available anymore.

  3. How can I create a customer account?

    You can register a customer account with The Power Path at You need to choose a username, password and make sure to use a valid email address.


    • All communication will be sent to that email address, so make sure to check for potential spelling mistakes.
    • Please be aware that your chosen username cannot be changed anymore once the customer account is created. We recommend using your email address as your username to make it easy to remember and recover your account.
    • Please make sure to use a secure password and save it somewhere out of reach of others.
  4. What shall I do if the system does not accept my email address?

    If the system shows an error message reading “An account is already registered with your email address,” you may have used this address before, and an account has already been created. Don’t worry if you don’t know the password. If you have access to that email account, you can request a new password, and an email with a password-reset link will be sent to you. Please make sure to use this existing customer account rather than creating a new one!

  5. What can I do if the system does not accept my username?

    In this case, the username is already in use by another customer, and you have to choose a different one.

  6. What if my password does not work anymore or I cannot remember it?

    If your password doesn’t work anymore, click on the link for Lost your Password? Enter your information, and you will receive an email to reset your password. (Check your spam filter and be sure to whitelist all of the emails from the Power Path)

  7. Can I have more than one account?

    You can only have one account for your email address. While you can create an additional account with a different email, we strongly discourage you from doing so. We cannot merge two separate customer accounts, so your products would be split across multiple customer and email accounts, which will result in communication errors and confusion.

  8. How can I change my name or email address?

    In your customer account, go to the section Account Details. Here you can change your name and email address.

  9. How can I change my shipping or billing address?

    In your customer account, go to the section Addresses. Here you can change your billing and shipping address.

  10. How can I change my username?

    Unfortunately, you cannot change your username once you’ve created it. We recommend using your email address as your username to make it easy to remember and recover your account.

Purchasing and accessing a product

  1. How can I pay for my purchase?

    You can pay either with your credit card using our secure gateway or via PayPal’s gateway. You can also use the protected PayPal services when you do not have an account with them. They will process your credit card payment on their secure site if you prefer.

  2. How do digital products work?

    Digital – or virtual – products are provided online and are instantly available upon your purchase. No shipping and no waiting times. These products can be videos, audio files or whole courses for you to partake in your own time. However, note that some products have a limited time availability online. (For example, The Monthly Support Audio will only be available for three months.)

  3. How can I access my digital products?

    All your digital products can be accessed through your order confirmation or directly through your customer account. Your order confirmation is sent to you via email and each order is also listed in your customer account.

    You can either watch your videos / listening to your audio files directly through your browser or download the files to your device.

  4. Where can I find my audio files?

    To listen to your audio files (i.e. the Monthly Support), go to the Resources section in your customer account. All your products are listed under the month when they were purchased. You can choose to either play them directly in your browser or download the MP3 file to your device so you can listen to it via your personal Media Player.

  5. Where can I find my videos?

    To watch your videos (i.e. Trends Video), go to the Purchased Video section of your customer account. You can watch your videos directly through your browser and download additional resources that might have been added (like handouts, charts, etc.). Please note that the Power Path’s videos cannot be downloaded onto any device.

  6. How can I access my courses?

    To start your online courses, go to the My Courses section in your customer account. You can start your new course, pause at any time and review your course status. There are additional tabs to separate your courses into “Active” and “Completed” courses.

  7. How long are my courses available?

    Our courses consist of either one or multiple sessions. Each session is available for 30 days after a course has been started. As an example, if a course has 7 sessions, it will be available for about 7 months to complete.

    Multiple course sessions have to be viewed in their right sequence and the next session only becomes available after the previous one has been completed. There is a little quiz at the end of each session to determine if you have completed that session. Once a session has been completed, you can move directly to the next session without any waiting time. The previous sessions will stay available for you to review.

    One session of a multi-session course does usually take about one hour in length. Courses that consist of only one session can take up to 2 hours. You will find more information for your selected courses in their product description.

  8.  Can I download my digital product files to my device?

    You can download all audio files to your device. Videos cannot be downloaded

  9. For how long will my digital products be available to me?

    That depends on the product. Some courses expire and are only accessible for a limited time, while most audio files are available indefinitely. Please make sure to check the product description or contact for further information. (Monthly support audio is available for a limited time and is removed from our site after three months.)

  10. Live Power Path events, such as the remote group shamanic healings and webinars, are non-refundable.

Joining our Webinars

  1. How does a webinar work?

    For our webinar products, you will join us live via video (you will not be on camera). You can join from your computer, tablet or phone. Please ensure a stable internet connection (we recommend using Wi-Fi rather than mobile data).

  2. How can I join a webinar?

    Once you have purchased the product, you will have to complete the registration for the event. You will receive the registration link as soon as your order is completed via email. Simply purchasing from our website does not mean you are registered. You will still need to click the registration link and complete the registration process on our webinar platform (GoToWebinar and in some cases Zoom).

  3. Where can I find the registration link for a webinar?

    We make the registration link available for you in three places:

    1. In your order confirmation, you will find a “Register” button at the bottom of the confirmation email.
    2. In your customer account, go to the “Orders” section, open your order, and you will find the “Register” button under the “View” button to see the order details.
    3. In your email inbox, look for the follow-up email with the registration link sent after your order is complete in our system.
  4. What if I miss the live event?

    Our webinars are recorded so you can watch the video in case you miss the live event.

  5. How do I access the recording of a webinar?

    After the live webinar you can access the recording via the same registration link you received to sign up for the live event (see Where can I find the registration link for a webinar?). We will also send another email with the link to access the recording to everyone who purchased the webinar product.

  6. How long is the recording available?

    For the Group Healings, the webinar recording is available for around 48 hours. Other webinars can be available for up to 30 days, depending on the product. Please make sure to check the specific product description or contact for further information


Do you still have a question and could not find the answer here? Please contact us at with a specific description of your question and we are happy to help you directly.