New Moon/Solar Eclipse Update 2-26-17

New Moon and Solar Eclipse is Sunday, February 26 at 7:58 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Our second eclipse this month, bookending a very potent time of Change. Take some time to reflect on Change and how it has moved energy for you this month. Where might you still feel stagnant and unmoving? What are you still attached to? What is causing you grief right now in your life? Relationships? Work? Health? Projects?

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Update 2-10-17

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is Friday, February 10 at 5:32 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

The time around this full moon is very potent as it supports innovation, eccentricity and thinking outside the box. Think about how you can be expansive in your dreaming, changing and choosing. Eclipses always intensify any experience as well as support change, so look for some intensity during this time and turn that experience into something positive for yourself. We suggest that you are careful who you spend time with around these eclipses as you can be influenced by negative energy as well as positive inspiration.

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New Moon Update 1-27-17

New Moon is Friday, January 27 at 5:07 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

A good time to revisit and refine some of what you have been persisting with to see if it needs more or less flexibility. What has been unexpected? What has been a surprise? Where have you been resistant? Where have you been stubborn? What do you need to let go of? How can you better support what is important to you?

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Full Moon Update 1-12-17

Full Moon is Thursday, January 12 at 4:34 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

We recognize that home is important, security is important, creativity is important and community is important. We are yearning for something outrageous and wonderful and magical and eccentric to happen in our lives, something to lift us up and inspire us to be better, to take the next step and to leave anything of a lower frequency behind. Spend a little time contemplating magic and your ability to create miracles.

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New Moon Update 12-28-16

New Moon is Wednesday, December 28 at 11:53 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This is a great day to bring in new expanded ideas about how you can improve your life. Remember to include kindness in all of your interactions with others not only on this day but throughout the whole month.

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Full Moon Update 12-13-16

Full Moon is Tuesday, December 13 at 5:05 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

The themes for this full moon are truth, community, inspiration, creating new vision and of course compassion and kindness. The paradox is being able to hold a very clear vision of what you wish to create in the future at the same time as keeping a true “don’t know mind” and being unattached both to the process and the outcome.

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New Moon Update 11-29-16

New Moon is Tuesday, November 29 at 5:18AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This is an important moon for building community, sharing yourself with others and not holding back on your unique self-expression. It is a good day to anchor a commitment to learn something new or to pursue a new area of interest or a new relationship. Anything that you put into motion today gets some juice for gathering support.

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Full Moon Update 11-14-16

Full Moon is Monday, November 14 at 6:52 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This is a good moon to anchor and ground a new vision. It may even be something that has percolated just under the surface of your conscious mind, and now suddenly you have some clarity about it. This is an expansive, inspired time where you actually may be able to see how something you thought improbable is suddenly very possible.

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New Moon Update 10-30-16

New Moon is Sunday, October 30 at 11:38 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a good moon to get clear on new intentions and to set your priorities so that you can maintain any new found balance in your life. If you have weathered a big change, now would be a good time to anchor whatever new situation the change has brought into your life. If life has been a bit challenging for you recently, focus on clearing and completing what you need to be done with. Use Death as an ally to make it permanent.

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Full Moon Update 10-15-16

Full Moon is Saturday, October 15 at 10:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a fiery and potent full moon designed to push through and push forward. It carries a punch that may be a welcome energy for some that perform well under pressure but it may be challenging for those that prefer a softer method. This moon also influences the uncovering of hard to look at truths that may surface during this time. The good news is that the power of this full moon time gives you the tools to embrace truth and allows you to accept, change and move forward.

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