New Moon Update 2-23-20

Dear Friends, New Moon in Pisces is Sunday, February 23 at 8:32 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This new moon has the potential to scour out old fears, regrets, disappointments, anger, feelings of betrayal and loss, shame and other emotional debris. Don’t wallow in them.  These emotions are up because…

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Full Moon Update 2-9-20

Dear Friends, Full Moon in Leo is Sunday, February 9 at 12:33 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). In some time zones this will be late evening/night on Saturday February 8 and in some time zones later the morning of the 9th. Certainly, this Full Moon should be honored the night…

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New Moon Update 1-24-20

New Moon in Aquarius is Friday, January 24 at 2:42 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This could be a challenging day as there are opposing influences that can either inspire you to continue shedding the old and refining your intentions, or take you into a place of stubbornness, resistance and feeling disempowered by what you experience as a stuck place.

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Update 1-10-20

Full Moon with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is Friday, January 10 at 12:21PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

The eclipse is at its fullest point at 12:10 PM MST. This could be a time of agitation, restlessness and irritability, much of it around your own process and much of it around what you experience out there in the world.

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Full Moon Update 12-11-19

Full Moon is Wednesday, December 11th at 10:12PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This is a sweet and friendly full moon that is well geared towards healing, support and collaboration. Focus on beauty, gratitude, appreciation and awe. Take some time to anchor insights of your personal discovery of who you are into new routines and commitments to yourself especially your health and wellbeing.

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New Moon Update 11-26-19

New Moon is Tuesday, November 26 at 8:05am Mountain Standard Time (MST) This moon supports expansion, freedom, practicality, a higher sense of intuition and beauty, and an increase in your inner awareness of what you want, what you can have and what you deserve.  This is the “proactive change” growing teeth and…

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Full Moon Update 11-12-19

Full Moon is Tuesday, November 12 at 6:34AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is a powerful full moon with a call to discover deep desires from the inside. Think of following the beat of your own drum and not being one of the sheep in the herd. What is unique…

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