December 2022 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for December is: “GET INSPIRED”
December is a big month and not entirely all beauty and fun, as we are still under sluggish influences keeping us focused internally, filtering and weeding out the debris of old emotional baggage, relationships that don’t support us, habits that don’t serve us, and responsibilities that are not ours. The good news is that we are very slowly moving out of the intense grind of the past several months that for many of us has been very challenging.

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November 2022 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for November is: “A NEW FERTILITY”

The first part of November, until the full moon on the 8th, remains an intense time between the 2 eclipses where anything can happen and the energy is tumultuous, unpredictable, somewhat accident prone, and can lean towards irritation, anger and restlessness.  Remember that this is a time that supports transformational change and should be used wisely so don’t dwell on shortcomings and negativity. Use this time as an important reset for yourself that may include some letting go of negative habitual behavior, addictions and situations that are toxic.

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