November 2019 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for November is “PROACTIVE CHANGE”

Following on the heels of October’s theme of “Rewriting the Story”, “Proactive Change” supports the action step important for any intention, desire, or dream. Although there is still plenty of emotional work to do this month, the focus is on how we can show up from a place of inner choice that is ours alone and free of outside influences, pressures and imprinting. If you don’t feel quite done with “rewriting your story” it is because you are still in process with it and this is the next chapter.

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October 2019 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for October is “REWRITING THE STORY”

Do you love every aspect of your life? Do you love what is happening in the world, on our planet, with your friends and loved ones? Do you wake up every day and feel that everything is perfect and right and you would not have it any other way?
If you answered yes, you are a rarity, as most of us have aspects of our lives that could be much improved and there are parts of our personal story and what we see happening in the world that we would give anything to change.

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September 2019 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for September is “COMMITMENT”

What is commitment? Commitment is making a choice to move ahead with a plan of action or intention without giving yourself a back door. Commitment is getting off the fence about something and making a decision that you then stick to. Commitment is finally taking that step of no return towards something you have only been dreaming of.

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August 2019 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for August is “DISCOVERY”

Discovery is recognizing you have a talent for something you never acknowledged before. Discovery is realizing a truth about a passion that needs to be cultivated. Discovery is facing a challenging fact that one or more of your relationships, intentions or desires are no longer aligned with your highest good. Discovery is finding that place within you that has the courage to finally let go of an attachment that has been holding you back.

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