April 2020 Monthly Support

The main theme for April is “CREATING THE NEW”

There are many other themes at work this month: adaptability, adjustment, acceptance, surrender, transformation, change, assimilation, deeper meaning, and others. Although we are definitely working all of these themes on a daily basis, given where we are and what we are dealing with in these times, “Creating the New” supports us to be more proactive and affective with the process instead of being at the effect of our personal and global situations.

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March 2020 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for March is “DISCERNMENT”

In February, we looked at how we manage our time, resources and energy. Now it is time to make good on our intentions to set appropriate boundaries and have some serious discernment about where and with whom we spend our time, resources and energy.

What is discernment? Discernment is the ability to use good judgment regarding choices, decisions, boundaries, actions, intentions, ideas, commitments, other people, your intuition, thoughts, emotions, and self-reflection.

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February 2020 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for February is “MANAGEMENT”

We initiated the year with two eclipses stirring the pot of intensity creating numerous opportunities to crack open the potential for growth, expansion, new ideas, and intentions. The energy has been forward moving, barely allowing us to catch up with ourselves enough to sift through the bounty and put it all in order. The challenge now is that we have just a little too much on our plates and we can be confused and stressed about how to be up for the task, get it all done, and know where our priorities lie and what the next step is.

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January 2020 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for January is “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?”

We have entered a new year and a new decade with new energies and a different signature than the cycles of the past. This one brings despair and hope at the same time and we have our work cut out for us, “work” being the operative word. Those not willing to work hard this year will certainly be in the camp of despair more than those that do.

Even though most of the year will be more intellectual and less emotional, it is not a time for endless discussion and debate but more for action, choice and change.

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