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  • A Ceremony of Song: Power Path Music


    A Ceremony of Song is a personal healing experience and shamanic journey with 21 tracks of original icaros and prayers.

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  • Navigating May 2020 Monthly Support


    This is a helpful companion Audio to the monthly forecast and includes discussion, suggestions, shamanic exercises and icaros with Anna and Lena.

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  • Trends 2019 Video


    In their most popular talk of the year, Jose and Lena Stevens look at personality, major themes, creative opportunities, obstacles and challenges, and how you can take advantage of the influences and realize your maximum potential in 2019.  A practical alternative to the more traditional astrological horoscope. Although not a formal prediction, Trends 2019 will give you the tools you need to understand what's coming. $29

    This product includes a video recording of the talk and an accompanying chart and info sheet.

    The video will be available for 6 months

    Once you buy the video you will get a customer receipt via email immediately.  This will be followed in few minutes by a link to the video.

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    Join Jose and Lena Stevens in this supplemental webinar to their popular TRENDS 2020. When we offered TRENDS 2020 in December of 2019 we mentioned that the second part of this year was unclear and that we may have to do an update mid year.  We are in unprecedented times with changes, challenges and opportunities we never expected. This will be a live webinar looking at the current influences of the year and how they have been manifesting, as well as updating any changes and looking at the future and big picture of where we are as a planet. We will touch on the possibilities, opportunities, challenges, choices and pertinent information and practices to support you in navigating the rest of the year. 90 minutes of lecture will be recorded followed by a question and answer session of 30 minutes which will not be recorded.

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  • 1 Year Subscription to Supporting Audio Club

    $49.99 / year

    Subscribe to a full year of our monthly support audio, a companion to the free monthly forecast. Includes discussion, suggestions, shamanic exercises and icaros with Anna and Lena. Saves you $10 and gives you two free over ordering the audios individually.

    Monthly forecasts will be posted on the first of every month on our website. Members who are subscribed to the audio group will automatically have the new audio file link available to them in the downloads section of their members account.

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  • Coyote and Raven – Totems for 2015


    Join Jose Stevens for this talk on Coyote and Raven, the Totem Animals for 2015.

    Exploring the tricksters of 2015

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  • GIFT CERTIFICATE – 1 Year Subscription to Supporting Audio Club


    Give your friends & family a 1 Year subscription gift certificate to the monthly support audio

    Now your friends or family can easily get the latest monthly support audio all year long. This companion to the free monthly forecast Includes discussion, suggestions, shamanic exercises and icaros with Anna and Lena.

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  • The Family Icon

    From: $4.99

    This audio recording delves into the concept of the Family Icon, which is an exploration of how an individual is imprinted by their mother, father and familial imprinting.

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  • Preparing For The Future


    This talk will introduce some concepts on preparing for the future, both our personal desired future and our desires for the future of the world.

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  • Tobacco Clearing & Protection

    $3.99 $0

    This MP3 is helpful in these times to stay clear of and protected against unwanted energies. Listen to it as often as needed but especially before you go to sleep.

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  • Handling Depression


    This Mp3 addresses understanding and managing depression during these currently unstable and challenging times. We discuss how depression is a lowered frequency and how to identify and use higher frequency activities to eliminate it. We also show you other techniques that effective at sending depression packing.

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  • Handling Anxiety


    This Mp3 addresses managing anxiety during these currently unstable times. Here we discuss the nature of the instinctive center, how it works to keep you alive, and how it can sometimes create problems when it inadvertently becomes activated.

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  • Freedom Through and From “Time”

    From: $4.99

    In this lecture we will take a close look at freedom and its' relationship to time. We will discuss the nature of time and how it has affected our freedoms, the meaning of freedom and what freedom might look like now.

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  • Mastering the Seven Steps to Growth and Evolution

    From: $4.99

    In this talk we cover the seven steps involved in personal evolution and explore how to take advantage of them, especially during these times of rapid change. We will look at the most powerful and primary method of starting from a successful platform of freedom.

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  • Correcting Disturbance in Land, People and Events

    From: $4.99

    This talk will introduce some concepts on healing the Land, People and Events.

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  • How to Deal With Meltdowns

    From: $4.99

    How to effectively deal with melt downs and stress reactions so as not to get derailed.

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