What is Intuitive Practice?

What is intuition, and what are Intuitive skills?

The definition of intuition is: “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than from conscious reasoning”. Intuition is a deep inner knowing that something is right or not. It can trigger a fight-or-flight response as it is connected to the instinctive center. It can draw you towards something or someone or repel you away.

Everyone has intuition, some more developed than others. And some people are highly sensitive, they pick up emotions and information from others, have precognition, vivid dreams, thoughts coming in from nowhere, and get messages from beyond. Intuition can be incredibly supportive in your life or it can be disruptive if you are too open without the skills to manage it.

Jose and Lena trained extensively in the early 1970s with Lewis Bostwick, who founded the Berkeley Psychic Institute. This training solidified a firm foundation for understanding and working with what is beyond the physical. Jose went on to teach for the institute to gain even more experience that continues to serve that foundation today.

Many of you use intuition in your counseling practices or in a great number of other professions from nursing care and social services to legal work, IT, AI, acting, media work, sales, and so on. While these skills may be developed through practice there are some challenges to deal with as well. How does one keep from picking up the emotional baggage from others? How does one develop boundaries to be more comfortable around others? How does one protect themselves from harm? How does one remain grounded when using intuition without becoming scattered or overwhelmed? How does one discern the truth of what is being intuited? How does one choose and control where the information is coming from? And how does one know what to do with the information they get from developing their intuition? How does one turn down, turn up, or turn off the flow of information?

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