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“PIVOT™ • A New Path to Empowerment in Work and Life. “

Creating sustainable applications and problem-solving strategies anchored in earth-based wisdom and practices for success in business and everyday life.

Today’s changing environment demands a need to shift the way we conduct business and manifest what we want in life. How can we embrace and practice this new direction to create success, abundance and fulfillment in our work and home?

This new offering from the Power Path is a culmination of years of working with individuals in a coaching setting, successfully helping to create sustainable business practices and problem-solving strategies, many of which are anchored in shamanic indigenous wisdom and understanding. A new design for new times, in this long-awaited 4-part webinar series, we explore the convergence of earth-based wisdom and modern business practices and deliver practical tools to transform the way you work and live. In each session of Level 1 Training, we discussed core aspects of Community, Communication, Balance and Strategies for Success.

This is a journey into the realm of possibilities where ancient knowledge systems inspire new sustainable and ethical approaches to how we do business and how we create what we want in life. PIVOT is not just for business professionals, and, as we intertwine personal growth with business acumen, we discover how adopting these skills can lead to boundless productivity and fulfillment in your personal life as well.

It has been said that to truly change a pattern takes about  three months of diligent purposeful practice. And, when you change a pattern, you can change the result.


The Pivot coaching package is designed to reinforce your ongoing immersion into the principles introduced in the 4 part webinar series, PIVOT Level 1 Training. It offers continued support in a uniquely designed program that addresses your particular needs. The package consists of three 90 minute sessions two weeks apart that can begin anytime between April 23, 2024 – October 1, 2024. A comprehensive plan will be created for you based on an initial questionnaire to be filled out prior to your first coaching session with Lena. Supplementary materials may be generated for you to work with in between sessions.

Additional coaching by the session may be scheduled with Steve or Dave after the initial coaching package is completed.

The Pivot Coaching Package is only available to those who have completed the PIVOT live virtual training series.

$1200.00 Includes three 90 minute sessions, a detailed questionnaire and program designed specifically for your situational needs, supplemental handouts and materials. Each session will be conducted by a different PIVOT trainer to give you the maximum exposure to different insights and styles. Your first session will be with Lena.

PIVOT COACHING package is available through October 1, 2024.

PIVOT™ Individual Coaching


The Pivot coaching package is designed to reinforce your ongoing immersion into the principles introduced in the 4 part live training series, PIVOT. It offers continued, personalized support in a uniquely designed program that addresses your particular needs. The package consists of three, 90 minute individual sessions, two weeks apart that can begin anytime between…

Private: PIVOT™ Live Virtual Training Series


This 4-part Live Virtual Training Series is our initial offering of a new service of the Power Path guided by 4 instructors with many years of experience both in business as well as in intuitive skills. PIVOT is a powerful, unique and wonderful blend of the two. FREE Introduction to PIVOT™ Webinar Recording Your instructors…

Lena Stevens

In addition to being one of the founders of the Power Path, a shamanic practitioner, the author of the monthly forecast, and a teacher and instructor for Power Path trainings, courses and events, Lena Stevens has an extensive background in management and real estate. In the 1970’s and 80’s, Lena used many shamanic practices and applications with her staff to bring her business community to success and personal fulfillment. She has since then used many of these techniques with individuals to successfully problem solve and strategize next steps in designing strong foundations for prosperous business and life experiences.

Dave McCormack

Dave McCormack brings 36 years of global business experience working for Fortune 500 companies, Mid-Size organizations and as a business owner of a consumer-packaged goods company. He has held leadership roles in management, sales, marketing and production within all these organizations. Dave currently runs a consulting business assisting start-up companies within the food and household products industry.

In addition to his business background, Dave has studied with various indigenous teachers in Peru, Mexico and Hawaii. He completed the 1-year Shamanic Studies program and the advanced practitioners training with The Power Path School of Shamanism. Dave is also actively involved in the Society for Shamanic Practice Community as a Board Member and Treasurer.

Since starting his shamanic journey in 2011, Dave has worked in taking an active role in supporting individuals, companies and organizations who are interested in pursuing a shamanic based practice as well as helping them to achieve their life and business purpose.

Steve Vierra

Steve Vierra is an entrepreneur and dedicated shamanic practitioner has over 20 years of expertise in human resources management, psychology and sales, with a proven track record of transforming dreams into reality. In 2013, he co-founded Skillset Group, a staffing and recruiting firm in CA. As the Chief Operating Officer, his relentless dedication and leadership led to a decade of remarkable growth, taking the organization from zero to 1,500 employees, $75 million in revenue, six locations, and a client portfolio spanning the nation. The company’s excellence has earned it a spot on Inc. 500’s list of fastest-growing companies 5 years in a row. In 2022, Skillset Group was recognized by the Orange County Register as one of Orange County’s Top Places to Work. In 2022, Steve sold his shares in Skillset Group and embraced a new chapter of life and work in Santa Fe, NM.

Beyond business, Steve is a seasoned shamanic practitioner, drawing wisdom from ancient traditions across South America, Mexico, and the United States. With advanced training from the Power Path School of Shamanism, he merges shamanic principles with the world of business, firmly believing in their transformative power. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange as Treasurer, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help perpetuate the shamanic wisdom, culture, practice, and traditional ways of life of Indigenous people worldwide. Steve’s passion is to inspire others by sharing his journey and demonstrating the profound impact of shamanic practices on personal and business success. Through PIVOT™, he’s committed to helping others craft their own success in life, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Learn About Shamanism & Intuitive Practice

Going Solo In Nature

The great teachers, mystics, saints, and shamans of old went to nature because they knew that the only way to recharge was to connect with something more powerful than they.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual path coupled with practical strategies for survival.

What Is Intuitive Practice?

Some people are highly sensitive, they pick up emotions and information from others, have precognition, vivid dreams, thoughts coming in from nowhere, and get messages from beyond.

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