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SALE! – Quantum Stilus discontinued

Regretfully, the Quantum Stilus will no longer be available from the manufacturer as of October 2014. We are offering our readers a special purchase on orders from now until October 1.  All Stiluses have been discounted to $200 each (a 33% savings!). If you purchase 5 or more in the…

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Quantum Stylus

About The Quantum Stilus

What if our “cells” could be strongly influenced with a simple hologram-like-signal or a magnetic recording and from these “signatures” get the nutrients they require? What if you could alleviate your chronic conditions and feel stronger and healthier without taking an arsenal of supplements and remedies?

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Shipibo Healers Sing Healing Songs in Santa Fe

Woven Songs of the Amazon, Open House July 7th & 8th
The Power Path School of Shamanism in conjunction with the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, a non-profit organization, will host a special open house July 7th & 8th featuring special guests from Peru, Herlinda and Enrique.

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