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Black Hole For Blue Swirl

November 2014 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for November is “THE UNKNOWN”.

The Unknown is what you cannot see, hear, feel, know, second- guess, expect or control. There is no instruction manual and nothing familiar. The comfort zone is being eroded much like being in a swimming pool where all of a sudden the sides of the pool disappear and you find yourself in a vast body of water with no edges in sight. You will either sink or swim and this is the nature of this month. Fear will cause you to sink. The willingness to be in a new experience will keep you afloat.

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Remote Shamanic Healing Session Special!

From now until the end of October. A one time offering of $35 for a 1/2 hour remote session by appointment with your chosen practitioner. This offering is only for new clients to the specific practitioner. If you choose to continue working with a practitioner after your initial session you…

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse Update 10-23-14

The New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse is Thursday, October 23 at 3:56 PM MDT (mountain daylight time).

This is the second eclipse of the month and serves as a bookend to the most highly eccentric aspect of the month. Take some time today to just breathe. It’s as if you have just witnessed the most radical circus act and your adrenalin is settling back to normal. If there is any way to take a bit of a retreat here just to honor yourself and your authentic self with gratitude and awareness of your many talents, do it. It could just be that you give yourself an hour to be in contemplation or you leave work early to take a walk.

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Blessed Virgin Mary Portrait

New Article by José Stevens – What and Who is a Virgin: Is it Important?

There are three main themes concerning virginity that have obsessed human beings for millennia. One is whether or not a woman is a virgin when she is ready to marry. The second has to do with the virginity of certain goddesses like Artemis and Mary mother of Jesus, and the other is the whole question of virgin birth of great saints like Osiris, Jesus, and Buddha. In this article we will touch on all three. We will concentrate on virginity as it applies to women even though males can be virgins too. This is because historically the social importance is placed on female virginity and not so much on whether a male is one even though a male may have feelings about whether he is one or not.

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Partial Eclipse 4

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Update 10-8-14

Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse is Wednesday, October 8th at 4:50 AM MDT (mountain daylight time).

This is truly an intense and possibly highly emotional time that will trigger and push everything to the edge and beyond. Instead of retreating or freezing up in fear and terror, go out and become part of the storm. Harness the tremendous energy that has the potential to feed your creativity and dreams in ways you could never have imagined.

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Jester Juggler

October 2014 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for October is “THE THREE-LEGGED STOOL”.

October is a balancing act. The image is of watching a circus act from a place of terror and excitement and then feeling both relieved and exhilarated when the act is successfully completed. This month pushes the edge of everything, forcing expansion, new strategies for balance and a necessary letting go of what really does not work.

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Moon And Cloudscape

New Moon/Autumn Equinox Update

The Autumn Equinox is exact on Monday, September 22 at 8:59PM MDT.

Pluto also goes direct on this day. The Equinox is always a great time to RESET and to honor endings so that you can make room for new beginnings. The endings or completions are especially important during this season and especially in light of changes that may be occurring in your life. Acknowledge the changes and honor the endings that are coming about because of them.

It is always important to mark the equinox through a ritual of some kind. You can honor your endings through a burning or burial of a representation of them. Follow this with writing intentions for something new.

The New Moon is Wednesday, September 24 at 12:13 AM MDT (or the night of the 23rd).

Since this new moon is right on the heels of the Autumn Equinox, the same suggestions apply and you can honor both the new moon and the equinox at the same time.

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Praise The Lord

Revenge, Sacrifice, and Forgiveness

One of the most deep rooted and ancient tendencies human beings indulge in is the urge to take revenge against those that have caused them pain. This urge has a huge range and includes everything from an automatic reaction to hit back and a conscious premeditated plan of vengeful action. If you look closely at your life you will find incidents when you felt this urge and most likely took action, perhaps when you were a child or even more recently where it snuck up on you. Even older souls will find that the urge to take revenge sneaks up on them such as badmouthing someone who has been hurtful to them.

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Full Moon Update 9-8-14

Full Moon is Monday, September 8 at 7:38 PM MDT.

Celebrate a change in your life. Even if it is a challenging one and you are struggling with accepting it, celebrate it anyway. This is a time to embrace change and use its power to expand yourself into new territory. It is also a good day to anchor the beginning of a new project, a routine or a relationship, OR the beginning of a new phase in a project, routine or relationship. Celebrate it.

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September 2014 Monthly Forecast

The theme for September is CHANGE.

The change also comes with a RESET and a chance to do things in your life very differently. Whether you are the one making a choice or it is a choice or situation from the outside that affects you, CHANGE is inevitable. This month we will explore how to deal with CHANGE in a positive and proactive way so you can use it to RESET your life in the best way possible.

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