The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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Stieg Larsson’s series of three murder mystery novels and subsequent films based on the series have caused an international sensation and the interest is not diminishing but growing exponentially. So what is the fuss all about, especially since these stories involve revolting scenes of sexual abuse and violence and a heroine, Lisbeth Salander, who is seriously dysfunctional with what appears to be Asperger’s syndrome.

Whenever we see something of this nature it is best not to dismiss it as a passing fad or as just another morbid fascination by a dysfunctional public. There is always a deeper significance, a chord struck in the hearts and minds of millions of people. Let us examine the phenomena briefly to understand what meaning it may have for the planet at this time. Here I will allude to both the novels and the Swedish made films as if they were all parts of the same theme.

The first book features a story line about a set of horrific murders and the mutilation of women over a period since 1949. Not by chance are they associated with stories of corrupt corporations and their abusive CEO’s and Boards. The main characters involve a male Swedish journalist, Mikel Blomkvist, specializing in uncovering corporate abuse for the journal Millennium, and a female foster child (now grown up but still a ward of the court) who has become an expert computer hacker and investigator. They eventually meet to form a team trying to solve not only the series of murders but also uncover the corporate graft running rampant.

So here are the main ingredients: 1. Set in Sweden, one of the most developed and civilized countries of the world. 2. An abused woman, deeply wounded but brilliant, who has lost her compassion and a good part of her humanity. 3. A male journalist who has a way with the women, has been abused by the system, who is an expert at uncovering corruption, is not controlling, and has compassion for abused females.

What better way to showcase the historical abuse of women than to use genteel Sweden as the back-drop. Yes, even in the most civilized of places, horrific things have happened under the patriarchy. And yes, there is a link between the insensitivity of major corporations who have raped the (feminine) Earth and male abuse of women. If we look deeper we see an attempt for the masculine and the feminine to work together to shine light on the abuses and seek justice. This represents what is coming, what the Earth needs at this time, cooperation and setting things straight.

Those of you who have an interest in astrology can see its workings in the great interest in these stories. Pluto hangs above the opposition of Uranus and Saturn, shining its inexorable light on that which we have not wanted to see. Ruthlessly it says, “Look at this disgusting abuse that you have been trying to keep in the dark. Here it is in all its most revolting glory.” Only the sickest readers or film goers can take sadistic pleasure or be titillated by these scenes, so horrific are they. And only the sickest viewers can take pleasure in Lisbeth Salander’s revenge on her new guardian, for one act of abuse cannot be mitigated by another act of abuse.

Little by little Lisbeth Salander discovers her humanity through the gentle loving and acceptance of her task companion, Mikel Blomkvist. One can see however that it will take time, perhaps a long time for her to find her heart. Curiously it is a man who has a heart big enough to form a basket in which she can find some healing. Actually there are two men, one her original guardian, a good father figure who seems to understand her, and two, Blomkvist, her task companion and the journalist she teams up with.

In another storyline, Salander’s benevolent guardian has a stroke and she is given a new guardian, the bad father, one who immediately takes advantage of her in the worst sort of way. He uses his position and power to control her, her worst nightmare. So here we have the specter of the so-called guardian who is actually the abuser. Again the feminine has not been cared for and looked after by the masculine. Yet, Salander gets her revenge over him and shows him not the least bit of compassion. She, as a representative of the abused feminine, has become like her abuser, maybe even worse. This is again illustrated as she watches a murderer burn to death, a human being she could have saved. The feminine has become murderous, deadly, spider-like, or like a vampire. This is the state of our planet where women politicians advocate for destructive environmental policies, the killing of animals, and corporate greed. Now the women have become men but possibly worse. What will set this straight? Women? Not necessarily. Perhaps it will be set straight as men find their hearts, hearts big enough to hold the wounded feminine as she heals.

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