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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we sell courses, digital products, webinars and events, access to these resources can only be facilitated through customer account.

Whether you make a single purchase or subscribe, your monthly support audio is accessible through the audio player or download link in your order email or account dashboard.

You will automatically be registered in our webinar platform once you’ve made a purchase. However, if for some reason you are not, you can click the registration button on the order confirmation screen, the order email, or through the customer dashboard.

We use GoToWebinar to deliver our webinars. This requires an easy application download. Links are provided at the time of a purchase.

Yes! The Power Path does not sell or share your personal data. However, you can easily delete your account through the customer dashboard.

You can cancel a subscription any time. Please be aware that you will immediately lose access to your subscription content if you request cancellation via support; do so in via My Subscription in your Account Dashboard to retain access until your subscription is over.

You can retain access to purchased audio by downloading it first. Visit My Downloads from your Account Dashboard to access all of your available downloads.

Remember to check that your payment information is up to date – visit Payment Methods from your Account Dashboard to manage and make changes.