Moon in the night

New Moon Update 2-8-16

Dear Friends, New Moon is Monday, February 8, at 7:40 AM Mountain Time (MST). The time around this moon can be testy especially around unexpected events and changes you did not plan on. Watch for accidents and pay attention to your body and your physical environment a little more than…

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Winter landscape in the mountains at night. A full moon and a starry sky. Carpathians, Ukraine

Full Moon Update 1-23-16

Dear Friends,   Full Moon is Saturday, January 23 at 6:46PM Mountain Time (MST).   This is a moon that supports personal expression and an experience of personal power. Acknowledge what you have accomplished this month in terms of RESET and celebrate your own your talents, unique capabilities and personal…

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Moon and stars

New Moon Update 1-9-16

New Moon is Saturday, January 9 at 6:30PM Mountain Time (MST).

An excellent time to focus on RESET. If you have not already done so, this is also a good time to focus on your intentions for the year or revisit the ones you anchored over the New Year for refinements and changes. You may be surprised at how quickly some of them may manifest if you are really clear about what you want and it comes from essence and your heart.

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magic moon

Full Moon Update 12-25-15

Happy Holidays to all of our readers! May these days be filled with Peace, Harmony and Light!

Full Moon is Friday December 25 at 4:12 AM Mountain Time (MT).

This is Christmas Day in the Christian tradition, a day usually spent with family and loved ones exchanging gifts and nurturing our bodies and spirits with good food and drink.

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New blue moon rising above rural landscape

New Moon Update 12-11-15

New Moon is Friday, December 11 at 3:29AM Mountain Time (MT).

This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to reset, to pray, to set intentions and to be involved in community in a way that is meaningful.

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magic night: moon stars water (art - illustration)

Full Moon Update 11-25-15

The Full Moon is Wednesday, November 25 at 3:44 PM MST, Mountain Standard Time.

This is a time for quiet celebration, acceptance of change, and making choices. If you have been ambivalent or in resistance around certain issues that require a choice, this would be a good time to finally make that choice

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Night fairy tale - bright moon in the night sky

New Moon Update 11-11-15

The New Moon is Wednesday November 11, at 10:47 AM Mountain Standard Time(MST).

Watch for cranky irritation around any pressure you feel from others, yourself or your environment. Take a moment around this new moon for yourself and focus on something that needs completion.

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Full Moon over Earth's stratosphere.

Full Moon Update 10-27-15

Full Moon is Tuesday, October 27 at 6:05 AM Mountain Time (MDT).

This is a good time to be in great gratitude for all the things you have and all that is going well in your life. The times have been rough and it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the gifts.

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Cresent Moon

New Moon Update 10-12-15

The New Moon is Monday October 12, at 6:05 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

We are still processing the results of last month’s powerful trio of the eclipses and the equinox. Rather than a reset, this new moon is helpful in supporting something in your life that you are striving to balance. Make some commitments around something that became clear to you during the eclipse time that you would like support for.

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Update 9-27-15

Dear Friends, The Full Moon with a lunar eclipse is Sunday September 27 at 8:50 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) We are still in the play called “now or never” and the final act is about to start. and yes, this is in fact the beginning of the final act….

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